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Friday, October 31, 2008

Drink a cup of tea!

My husband loves drinking tea. In fact, he can consume 3-6 cups a day. But, we are opposite. I don’t like the taste of the tea. I’ve tried many times but it makes me puke. We know that we can get a lot of benefits from drinking tea. According to the Wikipedia, tea plays an important role in improving beneficial intestinal microflora, as well as providing immunity against intestinal disorders and in protecting cell membranes from oxidative damage. It also prevents dental carries due to the presence of fluorine. Both green and black tea infusions contains a number of antioxidants, mainly catechins that anti-carcinogenic, anti-mutagenic and anti-tumor properties. And guess what? It can kill off dandruff-causing fungus. All you have to do is brew a tea, cool it and then give your head a rinse. If you drink a green tea, the caffeine in it may help slow balding, too.

Meet the one who is right for you - right now!

Did you find your soul mate yet? If not, try browsing for singles at dating site. I fell elated every time I mention online dating. I just recall all the memories together with my husband. I can’t believe I can find the love of my dreams that lives thousands of miles away from me. Gosh! Maybe, I’m destined to feel in love with a stranger. Well, I’ll call it stranger since we are of different races and country. I’ve heard a lot of successful marriages through online dating. But, I never expect I was among of them. For over a year, we talked on the phone and chat online with webcams. Until finally, we decided that we need to meet in person. Then, he visited me in my home country Philippines. Luckily, our love became deeper. So if I were you, start searching your soul mate by joining site. It is the only online dating service and relationship site endorsed by Psychology Today. And no other Internet dating service conducts criminal background screenings and Single Certification. You can search for free and browse member’s personal ads, personal profiles and personal photos. Signup is free! What are you waiting for? Meet the one who’s right for you.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

10 Mistakes

I’ve been dealing with my weight since I arrived here in the US. It seems I get heavier everyday. I don’t know what’s the right solution to lose my weight. It’s really hard for me. I feel like my efforts of exercising is only a waste. I admit I’m a sweet addict. Maybe, that’s one of the reason I never keep the weight I lost. And, I think I need some determination and inspiration in order for me to lose weight. Funny! Huh! Anyway, I was thinking maybe I’ve done something that I should not suppose to do. Just today, I found out I was correct with my instinct. I’ve read an article from the magazine about 10 things you shouldn’t do if you want to lose weight. No wonder I never lose weight. It’s because I’ve done all of this 10 mistakes. LOL!
Here are the 10 mistakes:

- Eat too little or infrequently.
-Eliminate all fruits.
-Eliminate fats.
-Get snacks out of your kitchen.
-Splurge away from home.
-Consume lots of artificially sweetened foods and beverages.
-Count calories.
-Eat lots of commercial low-carb products.
-Adopt a rigorous exercise routine.
-Load up on protein, eliminate carbs.

Monster 64GB Flash Drive Released

Are you looking for affordable and portable flash drive? If so, why not visit Kanguru Solutions website. They are selling MP3 Players, DVD Duplicators, USB flash drives and much more. Here, you can find the new and sleek 64GB Kanguru Flash Blu. This compact and lightweight device allows for ultimate portability. It operates on Windows, Mac and Linux, most without any device drivers. This software provides the drive user with mobile E-mail, No Trace Browsing, and File Synchronization. It is the largest capacity flash drive available on the market today. It is also designed with a rugged aluminum and roughly the size of a pack of gum. So what are you waiting for? Shop now.

They celebrate my birthday without me

Two days ago, my sister and I talked online. She just says, “ Thank you” since she already received the money I send her. Plus, she let me how they celebrate my birthday in the Philippines. As what she said, they cook Lechon (Roasted Pig) and bought a birthday cake. Funny! They went to the beach to celebrate my birthday. And, I found out that my parents cried because I’m not there with them. I was touched. My family really missed me. How I wish I could afford to purchase a ticket that day. I might able to see my father cry. LOL! Anyway, it’s really hard to be away with your family. The fact that I’m 8500 miles away from home is not really a joke. And, spending for plane ticket this time of economic crisis is not a good idea. My husband wants me to find cheap ticket prices but I don’t think I can find it that easy. I don’t want to enjoy my vacation in the Philippines while my husband was working very hard on his butt. I’m sure my family will understand my situation right now. Hopefully next year, I can visit my family. God knows how much I missed them. I keep my fingers crossed.

Martin Sands

Are you familiar with the name Martin Sands? If not, I’ll give you a brief description of who really was Martin Sands. Martin Sands has 24 years of investment experience in areas that include investment banking, venture capital, private equity, real estate, money management, sales/brokerage, and merchant banking. In 1990, Martin along with his brother Steven, founded and launched the Sand Brothers and Co, Ltd. (“SB and Co”), which focused on providing high net worth investors an alternative to the large brokerage firms. The firm grew dramatically and its related entities had approximately 400 employees.

He Surprise Me

A couple days ago, I celebrate my birthday with a little bit of tears. I thought my husband forgets my birthday. He went to work that morning not saying “Happy Birthday”. Though, he kissed me before he goes to work. That’s already the routine every morning. I just want to be greeted. I want him to remember that it was my day. I don’t expect any gifts anymore since he already gave me a diamond bracelet in our anniversary. And, I already told him that we would not spend unnecessary things anymore. All I want is date in the restaurant. But, I was pissed since he arrived about seven in the evening. And, he asked me if I enjoyed my birthday. I answered him, “ I’m not happy with my birthday and I want to celebrate alone”. Though, he was telling me to get ready. LOL! I told him I’m not in the mood to go to the restaurant anymore. So, he told we’d just go to the Dunkin Donut to purchase muffins and banana split. I told him that I won’t get dressed and I’ll wait for him in the car. So to make the story short, he went inside the Dunkin Donut to purchase something. I wait a little bit then he goes out with the women who brought the cake and give it to me. She told me, “Happy birthday” with smiles in her face. Then, my husband says, “ I love you”. I was crying when he told me those words. Gosh! It took me many tears before I realize how much he loves me. Filipina behavior! When we got home, he showed me the cake with a message on it. It says” Happy Birthday my Asawa”. I’ll show you the picture of the cake later.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A friendship Candle

I was tagged by Lisa. Thank you girl.

Please don't break this even if you only send it to one person. Thanks...

This candle was lit on October 26, 2008.

1. Richelle 2. Lisa 3. Joy Ball You're next

Someone who loves you hashelped keep it alive by sending it to you.

Don't let The Candle of Love, Hopeand Friendship die! Pass It On To All

Of Your Friends and Everyone You Love!May God richly bless you as you keep this candle burning.


Please keep this candle alive

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.

Just walk beside me and be my friend.

I'm passing this to Ruby, Carlota, Jacky Factor and Marilyn.

I'm not a fool!

I received an email from a person I never know and meet. He was asking in the email to give him my phone and fax number. He was telling me that he couldn’t transfer the money without a next kin attached to the fund, which is 5million dollars. Imagine that? And, he was telling me to present myself as a business associate to the decease person as details that I’m the caretaker business associate to Mr. something and his properties. He was telling me that I would be entitled to 40% of this fund for my cooperation in this transaction. He wanted me to reply immediately with my phone number. He must be crazy. I’m not a fool dude. LOL! I’m already pissed off with these people. They keep sending me emails like this. Some emailed me that I win a lotto. Funny! How did they get my email address? I’m just wondering. Well, I’m not yet crazy to get hooked. They cannot get something from me. How can I win lotto that I don’t even bet? I just want to laugh. Sigh!

Holiday Shopping Promotion

Thanksgiving and Christmas is near approaching. I could feel the cold breeze here in our place. It means I should start decorating our house and shopping for gifts. As what they say, this is time for sharing and giving. This is also the time for food preparation and celebration. I’m already excited. But, I’m not ready for shopping yet. I might wait till black Friday. As what I’ve heard, you can save money by buying items during black friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving. I want to find good deal so I can save money. You know it’s hard to spend money in this time of economic crisis. We need to be smart in dealing with our money. Frankly, I hate shopping in the crowded malls. Plus, I don’t want to wait a long line just to pay what I purchase. I easily get tired. LOL! Luckily, I found a site where you can purchase Black Friday items online without the hassle of having to stand in store at 5am. The good thing is that the site offers email alerts to let you know when new black Friday ads have been posted. I’m glad they’ve already posted Sears Ad in their black Friday ads. I can start browsing for items that I’m going to give for my family this Christmas. Hopefully, I can get good deal.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How's driving?

Parallel or reverse parking is really hard for me. I’ve been practicing it many times but I don’t know why I can’t get it. Something is wrong with me. I wish I know the techniques for mastering parallel park. LOL! I’m already crazy about this driving thing. I'm already worried since my driving permit will expire the 3rd week of November. I should finish the road test before the expiration date or else I’ll be stock again for another 5 months. Gosh! It’s only me who can help pass the road test. I want to work and go out by myself. Hopefully, I can master the parallel parking and 90 degrees parking. That’s only my problem so far. My husband told me that I am getting better driving on the road than last month. I would say that this is one of the hardest things I experience in my life. My husband only laughs at me. Grrrrrrrrr. I’m already pissed off. I’m dumb head. Sorry guys I’m only expressing my frustration here. Don’t mean to offend someone. Hope you’ll understand.

Autism Support Network Launch

Are you seeking information about symptoms and treatments regarding autism? If so, you need Autism Support Network. It offers free online support community. It connects families and individuals touched by ASD with each other, provide support and insight, and acts as a resource guide for treatments, strategies and therapies for autism. I know some friends who have autistic children way back home. They find it difficult to engage socially with others for support. We cannot blame them for that. Maybe, they are afraid what other people might think. Anyway, you can also join the forum for discussion of educational issues and ASD. This is also the place to vent, discuss and share individual everyday difficulties. Just visit the site for more info.

Press Release:

Autism Support Network Launches, Offers Free Online Support Community

Thousands around the world already connecting, sharing guidance and help

October 21, 2008. Autism Support Network today announced the launch of its free online support community available at The online service – rapidly growing with already thousands of members around the world – connects families and individuals touched by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with each other, provides support and insight, and acts as a resource guide for treatments, strategies and therapies.

Key features of the community include matching those members seeking similar support with one another, the ability to create appointments virtually or in actual locations between members, community groups for open sharing of information, user blogs, chat and capabilities for members to host and share personal photos and documents. The Autism Support Network also includes resource listings across the United States, Canada, England and India.

"Parents frequently feel paralyzed and isolated when they discover their child has autism. Those adults who have autism themselves also frequently find it difficult to engage socially with others for support," said Brian Field, co-founder of Autism Support Network. "Whether you’re a parent whose child has autism, a medical practitioner or someone with autism, our global community was created to facilitate an exchange of ideas, help and interactive discussion. Those dealing with ASD needn't have to 're-invent the wheel' – they can find others here that have likely experienced what they’re going through and can help provide personal guidance."

Today 1 in 150 children is diagnosed with autism, with a new case diagnosed every 20 minutes and is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the United States today. More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes & cancer combined. Autism is characterized by impaired social interaction, problems with verbal and nonverbal communication, and unusual, repetitive, or severely limited activities and interests. Other ASDs include Asperger syndrome, Rett syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder, and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (usually referred to as PDD-NOS). Males are four times more likely to have autism than females.


Media Inquiries:
Pam McCarthy

Autism Support Network
Box 1525
Fairfield, CT 06825
Tel: (203) 404-4929
Fax: (203) 404-4969

Ways to trim 100 calories a day

There are a lot of ways we can do to trim 100 calories a day. You can trim 100 calories a day by eating a little portion of your favorite food. We can also trim 100 calories or even more by doing some exercises or walking 30 minutes a day. It’s only a matter of discipline and determination to get the desired results. Too bad for me since I’m very busy eating junky foods and not doing any exercises. But, if you’re different and you really want to lose weight then this tips might work for you. LOL! I’ve read this article in the magazine and I want to share it with you guys. Who knows, it will help you lose weight.

-Eat only a one cup cooked pasta- its about the size of the tennis ball.
-Eat only the required serving size noted on the box of cereals.
-Use only one slice of bread on your sandwich.
-In dips and toppings, replace sour or whipped cream with vegetable dip.
-Replace any juices with fruits.
-Instead of frying meat, do broiling.
-Reduce the amount of dressing salads by about 2 tablespoons.
-Control the portion of your Popcorn snack.
-Instead of eating a cookie, spread a crisp cracker with a thin coat of jam.
-Switch to a 12-ounce soda instead of 20-ounce container of soda.
-Replace an 8-ounce glass of soda with unsweetened tea.
-If you put sugar or cream to your tea or coffee, use only half of it.
-If you drink alcohol, limit your daily consumption to one drink.

Here, Birdy Birdy!

One of the pets I would like to get is a bird. Perhaps, a parrot bird since they are the most intelligent type of birds I’ve ever seen. I still recall the parrot inside the restaurant while I was still in the Philippines. The parrot would say “pangit” if he thinks you’re ugly and “ gwapa” if he thinks you’re beautiful. It was really funny. We were laughing since we don’t want to be called ugly by that bird. LOL! I don’t know how they trained that bird. He is a pretty smart bird. Gosh! I wish I own that smart bird. Anyway, a couple months ago, we saw a flock of birds in our backyard. We were amaze since it’s really rare to see a flock of birds migrated in our backyard. They might be looking for insects, fruits or seeds in our little garden. No wonder my husband keeps telling me to purchase birdfeeders and put it in our backyard. It’s one of the easiest ways to attract birds. Plus, I feel pity watching small creatures looking for food. At least, I found a site selling various type of birdfeeders. In fact, I feel in love with the beauty of the feeders available at site. One of my favorites is the Perky-Pet Songbird Pavilion. You can see the picture above this post. It’s really cute. Guys, you probably like it.

What's happening?

The other day, my husband told me about a TV reporter who was brutally murdered inside her condo. She was killed inside her own house. Holy cow! As you can recall Hudson’s family tragic massacre, it happened inside their home too. Gosh! It’s pretty scary. We cannot guarantee that we’re safe inside our own house. In fact yesterday, I saw in the news a massacre of a mother and son in their own house in Novi, Michigan. I think the prime suspect was the husband. The police were still looking for him. What’s happening to these killers? What are they thinking? How can they sleep after killing their victims? They must be evil. No hearts! I feel sorry for the victims. And, I’m mad of these killers. I hope they’ll be put to jail for the rest of their lives. I’m praying that the souls of the victims will rest in peace. And, I’m praying that there are no more murders and violent hostility towards others. May all these suspects realize and present themselves to the police. How I wish peace and truth will still prevail in this world. God never sleep. He knows everything.

Tissot Watches

Time really flies. Pretty soon, we will be celebrating Christmas again. Maybe, it’s about time to put Christmas tree, decoration and shop for Christmas gifts. Since I’m talking about the month of December, I should keep in mind that it’s the month of my mom’s birthday. That means I should start looking a nice gift for my dear mommy. In fact yesterday, she was asking me what gift I would give for her birthday. Funny mom! Well, I told her I’d give her my gold bracelet since she loves it. And, I recall she keeps bugging me about my watch. But, I can’t give it to her because it was a gift from my husband. That’s why I was browsing for watches online. Luckily, I found Tissot watches at website. They have incredible collection of Tissot watches and affordable prices. Plus, you can get the second watch at 80% off MSRP if you purchase any Tissot watch. It’s amazing. Huh! Now I know what I’m going to give to my mom. You can see the picture above my post. I’m pretty sure my mom would love this gold watch. Guys, what are you waiting for? Include Tissot watches in your shopping list. You’ll love it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

World's heaviest man marries in Mexico

Remember the world’s heaviest man from Mexico? If you’re always watching the Discovery Channel then you might know what I am talking about. Well, I saw an interesting article at Yahoo website regarding his wedding. Yeah, he was married to his longtime girlfriend Claudia Solis Sunday in northern Mexico. I never thought they would be married. I wish them a happy marriage. I’m really happy for him. Hopefully, he will succeed to his weight loss journey. Imagine weighing 560 kilograms. Gosh! I might not able to make it. LOL! I can feel how much he struggled being in the bed for many years. It’s not really a joke. Luckily, he found a women who love and care for him. Though, there are negative comments regarding her faithfulness. But, at least, Manuel was very happy right now. That’s what matters most. Anyway, you can find the story at Yahoo.

Promises Treatment Center

Are you or your loved one suffering from alcohol and drug addiction? Why not try getting into rehabilitation treatment programs. There are a lot of rehab center you can find that will help you achieve your goals to lifetime sobriety. At promises, they are proud of the pioneering, restorative and compassionate care they have provided their clients for the past 20 years. Their clinical staff features the best professionals in the field of addiction treatment. You can guarantee that you will be placed in the hands of qualified specialist with the experience, education and credentials to offer treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction. Visit the site for more info.

Thank You!

I just want to thank those who leave comments and inspirational messages regarding my previous post. Guys, I really appreciate it. I’m glad I have friends over the Internet. LOL! I’m glad I was introduced to this blogging world. I can express all my emotions, which makes me feel better. God is really good. I know he just tested my faith. Though, I admit I’m not a strong person. I lose hope easily. Sigh! I must be vulnerable to temptations. Just kidding. Anyway, I better drop my EC card right now. Once again, Thanks so much for all the comments. God bless you all.

Promises- Gateway to Sobriety

A couple months ago I saw Tyra Bank’s episode regarding alcohol addiction. I feel sorry seeing a person who was suffering such addiction. I’m really thankful that I never experience any addiction in my life. LOL! Anyway, I can recommend you a best alcohol rehab if you have love ones suffering from alcohol addiction. At promises, their mission is to provide a gateway to sobriety for you or a loved one and to aid in the achievement of lifetime dreams. Just visit the site for more details.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm so sad

You probably asked why the title of my post was so depressing. Well, I don’t know if it’s right for me to vent over my blog. But to tell you frankly, I am really confused right now. I feel overwhelmed with all our problems and I don’t know if I can still endure it. I’ve been asking God so many questions. I know I have no right to do that. Who am I? But, I don’t know what to do. It’s just something has been bothering me. I love my husband so much and I don’t want to lose him. I want to express my emotions by posting it here. I don’t want to be judge by anybody. I’m only human and I made mistakes. Anyway, this is not about my relationship to my husband. I’m very thankful to have a wonderful husband. This is all about our future. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m very afraid right now. Hopefully, God will grant all my prayers. It’s only God who can help me. And, I trust him for everything.

Writing Hundreds of Words Per Minute With Dragon

Press Release:
Here is another great video review by Lisa, who coincidently writes the blog Lisa Reviews. She writes about how she can write at 150 words per minute with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

I think one of the key takeaways from her video, the key insight that is, is that she is able to write a lot more in those spare moments of time that she has while she's doing other things. Sometimes it's great to multitask, but it's even more important to be able to accomplish useful goals in those spare two or three or four minute pockets of time that we all experience throughout the day.

With Dragon NaturallySpeaking a four minute pocket of time can translate into 600 words! That could be three or four e-mails or one or two long blog articles if you're a blogger like Lisa.

For just $99 you can get started with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and have it trained in running in about seven minutes. The software with version 10 is simply amazing.

I have been writing about Dragon NaturallySpeaking for almost 2 years now. I have been able to type at rates of up to 167 words per minute with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. That speed was clocked while I was taking a typing test, but even in practical situations when I factor in not only the time it takes to type, but the time that it also takes to edit the words I typed, the end result is that I can still achieve about 100 words a minute, INCLUDING editing time! J

That is extremely fast, and the inclusion of editing time, speaks to the advances that you can see in version 10 as compared to older versions such as version 8 or version 9. It's a lot easier to edit on the fly with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10.

So if you're looking for a practical tool for your home office, for your writing or blog work, or even just to keep up with e-mail in your spare time, Dragon NaturallySpeaking can give you the power to write at 150 words a minute for a price that starts at $99. Heck, I think I paid that much almost for my last keyboard so that I wouldn't pound my fingers to death. :-)

Brett Bumeter
Softduit Media
PS this article includes about 376 words that I wrote with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10. It took me about 3 1/2 minutes to write and edit this article, which is just a little bit better than 100 words per minute and that includes editing time.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard

Guys, I will share with you a very interesting video and a guest article about Dragon NaturalSpeaking. If you want, you can visit one of our fellow postie’s original blog articles by clicking here. To those who don’t know yet, Dragon NaturalSpeaking allows you to write at 150 words a minute for a price that starts at $99. Type at $150 Words Per Minute for $99! Imagine that? It’s pretty cool. You don’t have to worry managing your time for your family and work. Gosh! You probably like it.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Low-Cal Treats

Are you looking for a sweet treat under 50 calories? Yeah, I am not kidding. You can get delicious desserts and snacks for only 50 calories or fewer without damaging your diet. I probably try stocking snacks like this in my cabinet. This might be my chance of losing my weight. I should eat 6 small meals a day to increase my metabolism. That way I can easily lose my weight. So if you want to lose extra pounds then try these tips too. LOL! Hopefully, it will work for me. I’ll see! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
Here's the Low-Cal Treats:
1. Fruit Bars
2. Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn
3. Root Beer Float
4. Eight Large Strawberries
5. Jelly Toast
6. Gelatin Drink
7. A Medium Size Peach
8. Five Maraschino Cherries
9. Sugar Free Pudding
10. Two Large Marshmallows
11. One Cup Watermelon
12. A Medium-Sized Tomato

Legend of the Seeker

Guess what? I found a trailer of the epic fantasy series “ Legend of the Seeker” at You can watch the video above my post. You probably like it. “Legend of the Seeker” is a television show based on the novels of Terry Goodkind. The highly anticipated epic fantasy series “ Legend of the Seeker” will premiere as a two-hour special event the weekend of November 1st. This weekly program was a combine element of fantasy, adventure, magic, mystery and romance with exotic New Zealand as its backdrop. Isn’t it exciting? I can’t wait any longer. I love watching fantasy movies. Guys, you better visit for more information.

Love Ice Cream

Would you believe if I tell you that I consume a whole cup of banana split today? Yeah, you heard it right. I ate a whole big cup of banana split from Baskin Robbins. Holy cow! It’s yummy dude. No wonder I don’t lose weight. I can’t stop it. I love eating sweets. LOL! The cashier at Dunkin Donut already knows us. We purchase either banana split or muffins every week. Gosh! My husband is getting bigger now. We both love eating crap. I wish we could stop it since its bad for our health. But, who doesn’t love ice cream. I guess we all love ice cream and chocolates. Anyway, I better drop EC card now.

Power Properties

Are you looking for a property near East Dallas area? Why not try browsing at Power Properties website. Power Properties has been striving to be a contributing of the East Dallas business and residential community for over 13 years. Power Properties has acquired over 600 units in the Lakewood and old east Dallas neighborhoods that they have purchased, thoroughly renovated, leased, maintained, and managed. So what are you waiting for? Visit now.

Our First Meeting

At Pizza Hut Butuan Branch

At Butuan Airport

I found all these pictures while browsing the documents. This was the time my husband visited me in the Philippines. Time really flies. I didn’t notice that it’s been 3 years since he first meet me. And, it was his first time to see my country. We had so much fun that time even though he stayed for 10 days only. We’re both happy and promise to be together as soon as all the papers are done. I never thought we were meant to each other. I’m really thankful to God for having a husband who truly loves me. I can’t ask for more. LOL. Hopefully, God will bind us more for the rest of our lives.

Rolex Watches

My husband loves collecting watches. One of his favorites is a Rolex watch. He got one, which he bought 3 years ago. He planned of getting another one if all the credit cards will be paid off. We know how much it cost and it’s really expensive. But, buying a Rolex watch is a good investment. Well, I think we can make a good deal with the site I browse today. Perpetual Diamonds offers genuine Rolex watches at substantial discounts to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. All the Rolex watches are 100% genuine and authentic with serial numbers; Perpetual Diamonds sells brand new and pre-owned Rolex watches with brand new genuine Rolex boxes and GIA appraisal papers. I probably tell my husband about this site.

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's getting colder

Time really flies. I could feel the cold air already. That means Christmas is approaching. Just today, I was wearing my winter coat while grocery shopping. I can’t stand the cold weather especially the snow. When I was working, we used to have an air-con inside our office. And, I turn it off if it’s my duty. My co-worker keeps whining since he can’t stand without an air-con. We are really opposite. I don’t care if he gets mad. At least, we have available electric fan. We used it instead of the air-con. It saves electricity and I can work without goose bumps. LOL! Well, it’s getting worse here. I live in Michigan where you can experience winter season. How I wish we lived somewhere Florida so I don’t have to complain with this cold weather. Anyway, that’s life. I already accepted it.

Favorite Bible Story.

My favorite bible story was of course the life of Jesus Christ. The life of Jesus Christ from birth till his death was really overwhelming. I would really cry every time I watch a movie about Jesus and even read his story. He sacrifices his own life because of his love to mankind. He redeems us from all our sins. He heals sick people and even feed the hungry ones. He even forgives the people who betrayed him. That’s how Jesus loves us. He still endures in spite all the trials he been through. He was really a savior and truly the Son of God. How I wish we could at least perform good deeds to others just like what Jesus did. Perhaps, by showing our respect and care for others even in a small way. I know I cannot relate my life to Jesus Christ. In fact, my life was the opposite. I feel sorry for myself every time I question God about my problems. I have no right to ask him like that. That’s why every time I feel hopeless I just read Jesus Christ story. I feel relieved and safe again. Guys, Find out more about Bible story by attending the first annual Theatre conference in Silver Spring, MD, October 22-23, 2008. Find out more about Cinemeetings & Events by visiting the website. Find out more how God loves you.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thanks Carlota

Notice I have a new layout in this blog? Well, I’m happy to tell you that my Friend Carlota made it for me. And, guess what? It’s only for free. I can’t imagine she fix my blog for free. I am really happy when I open my blog today. Gosh! I can’t believe it. It is so nice and pretty. I’m ashamed and happy at the same time. I don’t know how to thank Carlota. Guys, if you want to change your layout, I recommend you to email Carlota. You can have a nice blog layout for a lesser price. I want to grab this opportunity to thanked Carlota for making my blog beautiful. LOL! Thanks you so much. You’re not only pretty inside but pretty outside as well. God bless you always.

Bible Verse To Live By.

One of my favorite Bible verse was in Deuteronomy 31:6 that states “ Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” I say these prayers every time I feel hopeless and overwhelmed with problems. And, it’s really working for me. It helps increase my confident and I feel secure from danger. I still recall the time where I experience so much fears that I almost give up. But, God has been so good to me. He never forsaken me the times I needed him most. I still believe that trust and faith to God would really help vanished all the fears in your heart. Guys, Find out more which Bible verse best reflects how you live your life and leave me a message in the comment section. And, Find out more about the first-ever Theatre Church Conference that will be held in Silver Spring, MD on October 22 & 23. CineMeetings & Events will bring together respected thought leaders, pastors and church leaders from the nation’s most innovative growing churches to discuss the future of theatre worship. Find out more about the theatre Church Conference information by visiting the website.


My Dream Car

We all have dreams and aspirations. Sometimes, we are longing to acquire material things such as new car, jewelries and nice house. I think its already part of our lives. We cannot attain our dreams without inspiration and goals. We work hard just to attain all our dreams. I have many dreams that I never acquire yet- job, car, big house and travels. Well, I know it’s not really important. But, I’ll be happier if I get all of these dreams. The picture above is my dream car. You probably asked why it’s not an expensive car. Well, I don’t dream that big. I just want something I can afford in the future. Hopefully, if God permits I can get this car. But for now, it’s only a dream. A dream that eventually will be a reality. LOL. - New Search Engine Review


As a blogger, we usually search for new articles that we can use for references. I guess search engines are already part of our lives especially to those who want immediate answers. However most of the times, we ended up reading the non-relevant topics that were opposed to what we are trying to search. It’s really time consuming in our part. We don’t want to spend our time just to read the list of results. We want direct answers. Something revolutionary. Anyway, I guess you should try Search Engine. recently launched as a consumer search engine and expert written directory. And, guess what? It’s user-friendly, fast and accurate. Plus, you can easily remember the name FIND.COM without even memorizing it. Simply enter the keywords and you will get directly to the results. Isn’t it great? Cool! They had a growing directory of articles. All were unique and expert-written. You can find whatever you want or whatever your parent’s Internet filters will allow. You can also Find Jobs, People, Apartments and more. I even tried searching for my friend's blog. It’s pretty amazing. They gave me the right answer. Guys, what are you waiting for? Try using the Search Engine now. I’m sure you’ll like it too.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Entrecard was slow.

You know I’m really an avid Entrecard dropper. I used to drop 300 per day but I slowed down when my blog was banned by PPP. I just dropped like 150 cards a day for every blog. I do it religiously and I am also having fun reading different blogs. But, this past few days- Entrecard server seems very slow. Sometimes, I can’t even go to my inbox, which is really important before dropping a card. Frankly, it irritates me but I can’t help it. I guess I was already addicted with this dropping thing. And just now, I’m worried I can’t able to drop back my Entrecard droppers today. I can’t open the site. Gosh! I wish I woke up early so I was finished dropping already. But, I was dating my husband. It’s his birthday. Sigh! I really hope I can make it tonight. I promise I’ll try my best to drop my card today.

Web Hosting Blog

A couple months ago, one of my friends encourages me to get my own domain name. At first, I was a little skeptical since I will be paying for it. But, I realize it’s really beneficial especially if you want to earn extra income. You know I’ve been a blogger for almost 6 months and I know the importance of getting your own domain. Mostly, the advertisers will ask for a web hosting blog instead of a free hosting blog. That’s already a loss in your part if you’re using a free hosting site. You might ask why I know all this stuffs. Well, I’ve read an informative article about web-hosting choices. You will need to decide first what type of hosting services that caters your needs. This site is really helpful especially to those who are looking for a new web hosting services. At web hosting geeks, you’ll find the top 10-web hosting services, reviews, rating and Webmaster resources. Another thing, you can read their web hosting blog to be informed and aware of the industry news, trends, products and discussion. So if you are looking for a new web hosting service then you better visit their site. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of information and tips just by reading their blog.

Celebrating my hubby's birthday

Today, we went to the Ruby Tuesday to celebrate my husband’s birthday. We never celebrate it at home since hubby wanted to go out. Plus, he doesn’t feel like celebrating his birthday. He is really weird. Maybe, he doesn’t want to get old. lol! Just joking! Well, people think he’s only 34, which is 10 years younger. I asked him what makes him look younger. He just answered,” the secret of young age is to have a young wife”. He is really funny. For me, the reason he looks 10 years younger is that he never smoke and he drink 4 glasses of green tea a day. Anyway, we were having fun in the mall too. I bought a little ice cream cake. And, we just eat it. So much fun! At least, I make my hubby happy. Thanks God for everything. I love my husband very much.

Take this test, and prepare to be surprised.


I am having fun taking the RealAge Test. I’ve learned a lot from this test. It makes me more aware of what should I do to maintain a better health. I’m so glad that my RealAge result was younger than I thought. Frankly, I feel older than my real age. But, it was really weird when somebody thought you’re below 18. I still recall a couple months ago when we went to the casino. The security guard asked my I.D to know if I’m over 18. Holy cow! He must have blurred eyes. Lol! That’s way too much than my real age. Anyway, I was surprised to know that the result of my RealAge test was younger. Though, I am little confident since I never drink liquor and never ever smoke a cigarette. I’m still surprise because I never take any vitamins, which is really important for women. Plus, I rarely eat fruits and vegetables. The good thing is that I’m now informed and knowledgeable enough on how to maintain my health and age. I was recommended to watch for my BP and get my cholesterol tested. Overall, the result was amazing. So what are you waiting for? Take the RealAge Test! It's free! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Just answer it honestly.


Happy Birthday my Bana

I want to say “Happy Birthday” to my beloved husband. I wish you more happiness, good health and success. You know how much I love you and care for you. I’m very thankful for a wonderful husband like you. God knows how happy I am being part of your life. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the love, respect and care you’ve given me. I can’t ask for more. I guess God already gave me the best husband in the world. Hon, I love you so much. Once again, Happy Birthday my Man.

Dr. Lark's Nutritional Supplement

I’ve been dealing with my weight since I got here. Frankly, It’s really hard for me to lose weight. First, I lose my determination to continue my weight loss journey. Last thing, I can’t help ignore my food cravings. I guess I need a supplement that helps increase my metabolism. Luckily, I found that caters different categories of products such as weight loss, beauty and skin health, nutritional supplements and women’s health. I probably purchase L-carnitine since it provides increased cardiac energy, effective fatty-acid metabolism and support for your energy and endurance. Dr. Lark uses only the purest, highest quality ingredients in the manufacturing of her nutrients. Guys, I encourage you to visit the website. I’m pretty sure you’ll like it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Household tip#5

Are you a type of person who still uses a thing until it’s already ruined? Well, I belong to that category. I never throw anything unless it’s not useable anymore. I feel bad if I waste something that can still be use. I’ll save it as much as possible. The tip that I’m going to share is somewhat related to the old stuffs. If you think you can still use your stinky dish sponge then you better try this tip. Don't throw it out yet.

What to do:
Instead of throwing away a sponge that has a stale odor, simply toss it in the dishwasher and wash it with the next load of dishes. It will come out clean and fresh smelling and will kill any bacteria in the sponge, so it's a good idea to toss your sponges into the dishwasher often.

OPENRSM CloudBackup

Last night, I was really worried when I wasn’t able to start my desktop computer. It says an error message and I don’t understand how to fix it. Luckily for no apparent reason, my husband was able to start the computer again. I feel relief when he told me that I could use the computer. Well, who wouldn’t freak out if you had all the important documents and files stored in that computer? You probably get paranoid too. I think we need to back up our data with a secure storage media. It’s hard to rely on CD’S, DVD’s Taped and expensive removable hard disks. We might lose it or even get stolen. That would be a big problem. Just today, I found a site that featured an easy and inexpensive OPENRSM CloudBackup. CloudBackup is the perfect choice to easily, cheaply, and securely make and store your backups. It works with Windows, Mac and Linux. And has automatic archival of old versions and deleted files. Plus, you can backup reports via the web, e-mail, or even RSS. The best thing is that you only pay for what you use. Great! All you have to do is download, install and backup. CloudBackup even implements a Network Drive in addition to backup. So what are you waiting for? Guys, you better try it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Expensive iPOD

Yesterday, I saw an article about the most expensive iPod in the world. I was really intrigued and read it immediately. Well, you want to know how much it cost for the most expensive iPod? If so, don’t ever be shocked. The iDiamond is said to be worth approximately twenty thousand pounds, which is approximately $40,500 USD. Imagine that? It’s more than the price of the cheapest car in the US. Gosh! The device was comprised of solid eighteen-karat white and pink gold and is also covered with over 430 diamonds. The earplugs are also made from the same gold that the device is made from. No wonder it’s expensive because of the real diamonds and pure gold. Well, you can afford it if you’re a millionaire. lol!

Cheap Flights Map Widget from Skyscanner

Two months ago, one of my friends told me that she bought a roundtrip ticket for her vacation to the Philippines. I was shocked when she told me the price of the ticket. I can’t believe it. It’s cheaper than what I thought. To my curiosity, I browse online if I can still find a cheap ticket. Unfortunately, I found the expensive ticket prices. I was really disappointed since I want to visit my family way back home. Well, better luck next time. Just today, I found a website that might help me find a cheap flights. I think you’re already familiar with the site especially if you travel constantly. To those who don’t know yet, I’ll give you brief information about this site. Skyscanner is the most powerful and flexible flight search engine in Europe, which provides instant online price comparison on over 300,000 flights and over 600 airlines. With Skyscanner, users can browse without having to enter specific dates, departures or even destinations. And, guess what? They also have this Cheap Flights Map Widget that Webmaster can easily embed on their sites to display Skyscanner Flight route information and cheap Flights. You can show your visitors how to get to you, with Skyscanner’s simple, visual, Maps plug-in. Guys, what are you waiting for? Download a free Skyscanner Map widget now.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Birthday Cake

It’s my husband’s birthday this coming Wednesday. I don’t know what I’m going to purchase for a gift. It’s really a bad timing. Gosh! My PayPal account balance was only 25 dollar. Imagine that! I don’t think I can buy a nice gift for him. All I can afford right now is the ice cream cake from Dunkin Donut. I hope my husband will like it. But, I’ve already told him what he likes for his birthday. He told me that he only wants love and care. He doesn’t expect material things from me. Whew! That’s an easy thing to do. He knows how I love him and care for him. He doesn’t have to tell me like that. I will love him for the rest of my life. That’s why I was married to him. All I pray to God is that we will be always happy and healthy.

Panama Condo Hotel


A couple weeks ago, my husband and I were discussing about saving money for a vacation somewhere in North America. We really dreamed of visiting different places and tourist attractions. It all started when one of our friends went to Mexico. I think it’s about time that we need some enjoyment away from stressful environment and work. We’ve been looking for possible places we should visit. The first city that comes up my mind was Panama. We want to explore the Panama’s history, art galleries and visit the old churches. We might purchase some collectibles since my husband is a memorabilia collector. I even was browsing for possible condo hotel that we’re going to rent. Luckily, I found hotel Casco Antiguo. It is a 5-star hotel with a full complement of modern amenities and prime location at the heart of UNESCO World Heritage site. Hotel Casco Antiguo will cater to sophisticated travelers who seek the kind of charm; vibrancy and style that mainstream hotel can never deliver. Upon its completion, the restored Hotel Casco Antiguo will be a condominium-hotel with 34 rooms and a full complement of amenities. A first in Panama, guests and owners will have access to the inaccessible through in-house concierge services provided by Quintessentially, the world's leading luxury lifestyle group. And, guess what? Panama is not only a great place to live but also a great place to invest. It is one of the fastest growing real state markets in the world. Imagine that! So if you want to invest a condo hotel, Hotel Casco Antiguo is the right one for you. So what are you waiting for? Register for an eBrochure Here. For more information, kindly visit their site.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Ways to calm down

I found this interesting article from a christian site. It's all about quick ways to calm down. We can’t deny that sometimes we lose that feeling of calmness in ourselves. It happens almost every day while we are working or even at home. Sometimes, we say enough is enough and wanted to burst out. We can no longer tolerate the exuberant screams of the kids. Sad to say, we tend to give up and become mean since we can’t accept anymore. But, every problem has remedies no matter what. So why not try these remedies to makes us calm down a little bit. Perhaps, this would lead us to more peaceful and relaxing environment.
Ways to calm down:

- Walk away – know what triggers you to become mean and go way with that situation.
- Close your eyes- gently let the world disappear and go within to regain your equilibrium.
- Find some solitude- have some private time to let the nervous system regenerate.
- Go outside- enjoy your time outside at least an hour every day to get your sanity fix.
- Find some water- “water helps in many ways”.
- Breath deeply- breathing is a foundation of sanity and it eliminates toxins from our system.
- Listen to music- across the ages, music has been used to soothe and relax.

Meet the one who is right for you - right now!

Are you having a hard time finding for your soul mate? Why not try signing up your own profile at website. is the only online dating service and relationship site endorsed by Psychology Today. What makes them different from other dating site is that they conduct criminal background screenings and single certification. So that means you can guarantee that the guy you like is a real bachelor. I can relate with online dating since my husband found me through dating services. I was really excited while writing this post. I just recall our love story. Chucks! I never thought I could find my prince charming through online dating. We’ve been talking on the phone for almost 2 years before he visited me. We became more in love when we met in person. That time was one of our happiest moments together. We won’t forget it. lol! So if you can’t find the love of you life then you better sign up now. You can search for free and meet singles for friendship, dating, romance and love. You can also try the compatibility test that allows you to meet people who are right for you for all the right reasons. So what are you waiting for? Find the right one for you since signup is free.


Household Tip#4

Are you having a hard time cleaning your glass tables? If you do then don’t worry anymore. I’ll give you some tips on how to keep the lint and dust off the glass top tables. This tips is also great for computer screens and TVs. I’ve tried this many times when I clean glass windows. And, it really works for me. You might try it for yourself. I guarantee you’ll be satisfied of the results.

What to do:

To keep lint and dust off glass top tables, wash them in a solution of warm water and fabric softener. Add one tablespoon of liquid fabric softener to one quart of warm water. The fabric softener will clean the glass inexpensively and will help keep lint from gathering on the glass.

Local Auto Body Shops Service

Are you looking for auto body shop experts near Downey California? If so then you better visit website. You can find customer reviews, testimonials and map of the auto body shops downey. You can make appointments online and request auto body repair estimates from Collision Repair Experts in the comfort of your own home. Visit the site for more information.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Love diamonds

I found this pretty diamond necklace at JC Penny website. I was just browsing for jewelries. Gosh! I feel in love with all their chocolate diamond jewelries. Well, I can’t afford for it right now. Perhaps, I can buy one if I already have work. Fingers crossed! That’s what I hate when I am browsing for jewelries online. It’s very tempting. Girls love diamonds. It’s a fact. You can beat it. You know! To those who can afford, you better try shopping at their website. Guys, you probably like their new arrivals. Sigh! How I wish I could afford it. I love diamonds. I better sleep now. Good night! God bless!

Innovative hypnosis and mind control techniques

The post I am going to make is all about Hypnosis and Mind Control techniques. But, don’t get me wrong. I’m not what you call the expert of these stuffs. I just want to share with you the site that I find very interesting. You probably be getting ideas and techniques about hypnosis. If you’ll ask me what I like about this site- I definitely would say everything about the controlled environment hypnosis. Well, I choose it since my grandfather was once a hypnotist. He knows how to control a person just by looking into their eyes. And, guess what? He can control even the mean or grumpy person. I asked him many times of his secret. Unfortunately, he won’t tell me. Well, let’s go back to the topic. This site will be selling CDs that was filled with the most intense Hypnosis tactics the world has even seen. I might able to control my enemy if I have this kind of hypnosis skills. That would be fun! The skill you’ll able to learn from their CDs is different from magic tricks or guessing a card. Why? It’s pretty obvious. Here, you can learn how to get huge people to do what you want. You will discover how to use your “internal clock” with hypnosis. You even can mesmerize you crush too. Isn’t it interesting? I’m pretty sure you’ll like it. Guys, I encourage you to visit the site if you want to learn something about hypnosis.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Foods that fight against cancer

I found one informational article regarding foods that fights against breast cancer. And, I want to share it with you guys. This might help us lower the risk of breast cancer. According to the Centers for Disease Control that breast cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in all other women. The good thing was that the mortality rates for breast cancer has steadily decreased due to increase awareness and information. So if we are more aware then we might save thousand of women who have suffered from breast cancer or even our lives.

Here are the foods to fight cancer:

1. Cabbage- women who ate cabbage four or more times per week were 74% less likely to develop breast cancer.
2. Vitamin D- the study found vitamin D to lower the risk of developing breast cancer by nearly 50%.
3. Tea- it contains flavonoids, like several plant-based foods, which are known for their antioxidant effects.


Looking for a discounted coupon for your favorite store? If you do then you better visit site. Ebates is just your online mall with 900 different stores. Online stores pay Ebates a commission on every sale and they split this amount with you. I was even browsing for lowes coupon since we will be purchasing blinds for our windows. So how about you? Visit now.