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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday shopping made simple and practical

Thanks for the post, Margarita Sellers

One of the great things about black Friday shopping is that it is the best time to get great deals for Christmas presents. After all why wait until a few weeks before Christmas to get all of your Christmas gifts, when you can get just as good deals during black Friday. So I went ahead and asked my friends and family what they would like for this Christmas. The first thing to do is to make list of all the necessary items. The morning of black Friday, I intend to wear the most comfortable shoes that I own. This is a day where I plan on doing plenty of walking around.

The next thing on my list is wardrobe. I do not plan on wearing anything heavy, after all something like a coat will just be an inconvenience while walking around endlessly. After that, I plan on eating well and consuming large amounts of caffeine in the morning before going out for shopping. As we all know, shopping can be very tiring and not being physically prepared can be exhausting. In fact if it were any more tiring it would qualify as a sport. For this kind of shopping trip I would rather go alone. After all, what is the using of shopping in front of the people I am going to buy presents for? Last but not least, I will definitely set the home security system from before stepping out of the house.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Brittany is the Best

Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

I am a busy woman and am always working but not matter what I make time for my friend Brittany. We are the most unlikely pair. She is about twenty years younger than me. I am a classy gal, she is a skinny tatooed youth. I have a fulltime job, she floats around and works painting houses for her dad when he has the work available for her. I have five kids, she has none yet. I have tons of patience and she has a very short fuse. We are both very creative people. She likes art and tatoos and I like to write. We both have a genuine love for truly great people and share our creativity and love of people with one another. About once per month I set myAllhomesecurity home security system and head off to McDonalds to meet her for breakfast. She is the one person I can tell any secret to and she will never betray my trust. The beauty of being such opposites is that she really doesn't know anyone that matters to me. So even if she did tell someone my secrets no one would care. I think we all need that one friend that we can totally be ourselves with and relax with. I enjoy our friendship so much because it is completely stress and drama free.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why I Love My Bowling League

Author: Isiah Williams

My husband and I met during a bowling league when we were both in college, but haven't played much in the years since. Recently, he brought home a flier from the local bowling alley advertising adult bowling leagues, so we decided to give it a go. We have meets twice a week, and have been loving the competition and the opportunity to meet new people.

After he and I both get home from work on the nights when we have a meet, we'll eat a quick dinner before getting ready to head out. He usually packs together our equipment with our balls and shoes, while I clean up the dishes. Then, we set the home security alarm (Alarm Systems packages) and get in the car to head to the alley.

Once we're there, we find our friends from the league and figure out who our competition for the evening will be. There are some pretty great teams out there and our team certainly isn't at the top of the list, but we're definitely within the top five teams. One of the best parts of the whole experience has been getting to know other couples, but also getting to work with people and learn from them. Many of the people have bowled for years, and have been able to work with us to get our games back in shape.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thong Sandal!

high shaft embellished thong sandal

high shaft embellished thong sandal

Solid color high shaft embellished thong sandal. Zipper closure back. Women's whole & half sizes. All Man Made Material. Imported.

Jewel Brooch Halter Dress

jewel brooch halter dress

jewel brooch halter dress

Solid color halter dress styled with a padded bust, ruching at the front, and a jewel embellished brooch at the empire waistline. Length of Small dress from underarm: 24 inches. 94% Rayon, 6% Spandex. Hand wash cold, hang dry. Made in USA.

A Pretty Dress For a Party!

design print asymmetrical sleeve dress

design print asymmetrical sleeve dress

Asymmetrical dress in a silky multicolor print material styled with a single sleeve. Trimmed with a solid color at the neckline and waistline. Finished with elastic stretch ruched sides. Length of Small dress from underarm: 25.5 inches. 100% Polyester. Hand wash cold, hang dry. Made in USA.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Staying Healthy

Guest post written by Jessica Swain

Now that my husband and I are reaching retirement age, we are starting to think about how we want to spend our golden years. For the past several years, weÕve been in the twilight of our long work careers. During the process, weÕve come home and had too many TV dinners while watching our favorite shows. On one hand, itÕs been comforting and a good way to wind down, but lately weÕre starting to think about diets and also about all the other things we could be doing instead of just letting time go by in front of the tube.

As an alternative, weÕve recently tried to turn fitness into a fun hobby. We get home from our daysÕ work and head to the gym three times a week to participate in cardio kickboxing. Yesterday, after purchasing a new pair of Hearing Aids by Miracle Ear, we went to the gym to hit punching bags and get better for our classes next week. WeÕve had a lot of fun, and we are glad we have something new to help stay healthy together.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Always On

Thanks to Frances Nguyen

When I sit at home with nothing to do but hide from my nagging wife, I am thankful for the invention of the service called Free on Demand. In the past, I could only use the television card during specific times of the day, during sports contests on Sunday or NBC's Thursday night comedy lineup. However, now that we have this service called Free on Demand, my favorite shows are always on, providing me with the escape I so desperately require since my wife can really get annoying, which would be grounds for divorce if she weren't so hot.

There is a ratio of hotness to nagging that any man is willing to put up with, which I call the ratio of absolute zero. For instance, if a woman rated as a six on the hotness scale, anything more than a six on the nagging scale would result in a quick call to my attorney and separate bank accounts. If she is a nine, however, like my wife, only a ten on the nagging and annoyance scale would result in us parting ways. Since my wife is a solid eight, she is granted a reprieve. This does not mean I am emotionally invincible, and I must find excuses to make her be quiet. With Free on Demand there is always something on, and it's all thanks to our directtv.