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Friday, February 3, 2012

Struggling to become an actress!

Author: Dorsey Velasquez

I recently moved to New York. I have wanted to be an actress my entire life and always felt New York was the place to make that happen. In the movies, it seems so easy. A young waitress will quickly be discovered and become the next hot star onDIRECTSTARTV. However, I am still waiting for that to happen to me. I never realized how many people audition for parts. I was thinking the lines would be ten or twenty people lone, but they are four or five hundred people long. Everyone in line is selfish and rude. Since everyone is trying for the same part, no one wants to talk or make friends. I think I made more enemies my first week in New York than I have in my entire life. This is a completely different way of life and I am not sure it is what I want. I keep hoping to get a part and make my dreams come true, but right now I am thinking they


I'm not so happy today. I've had a lot of problems lately. I don't know if I could still handle it. I feel very tired from work and I received a bad news from my family back home. I work so hard but I feel like my life is still the same. Nothing's happening! Please help me God! I hope everything will be fine soon.