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Friday, May 30, 2008

More About Me

Tag from Lisa. Thanks so much Sis:)

Participants: Tere-Blessing in Life 2.Yen- Me and Mine 3.Aggie - Pink and Brown Diaries. 4. Mich - Random Thoughts 5. Vannie - FunFierceFab 6. Jane - My Charmed Life. 7. Abie – Women Xplore 8. Jody - In This Game of Life 9. Eds – Just Me. 10. something purple 11.vanity kit 12. em's detour 13. mind bubbles 14. In Demand Opinions 15. Sweet Lullaby 16. MJ's Hurrah17. Buzzing Around 18. Tasteful Voyage 19. A Mom's Note 20. moms..... check nyo 21. Technotrend 22. Ness 23.Filipino love stories 24. Lisa 25. joy ball 26. your link here

Tagging: Kate/Katelove's, Anne, Pretty Retche, Amor, Joyd , Ruby,Sheryl and Gladys

1. What do you want for your birthday? I want a diamond tennis bracelet at least 1 carat lol...
2. Who will be your next kiss?Of course my hubby
3. When was the last time you went to the mall? Last week.
4. Are you wearing socks right now? Yap, always everyday.
5. How did you spend your summer? Maybe we'll go to beach.
6. Have you been to the cinema in the last 5 days?No, maybe next week.
7. What was the last thing you had to drink? Water
8. What are you wearing right now? Sexy blouse and shorts
9. What was your last purchase? Wallet
10. What was the last food you ate? Rice and turkey
11. Who would be the person you would call if you were up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep? My mom
12. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week? No
13. Do you have a pet? Yes, fish
14. What made you laugh in the last 5 days? Almost everyday my hubby used to tickle me because he already know i easily get tickled.
15. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be? To my family for sure.
16. What is the last thing you purchased online? Curio Cabinet
17. One thing you hate about yourself? Frankly, i hate being so shy.
18. Do you miss anyone? Yes, my family back home.
19. What are your plans for the day? Cook maja blanca.
20. Last person you sent message? My mom.
21. Ever went to a camp? Yes, if its Police Camp.
22. Are you a good student in school? Im just an average student
23. What do you know about the (your) future? Only God who knows everything so ill just trust it to him my life and my future.
24. Are you wearing any perfume or cologne? Yes, but not all the time, kasi sayang lol..
25. Where is/are your best friend/s right now?My Best Friend was in the philippines right now. But, my real best friend is God- who always help me in times of trials.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Daddy's Corner

A tag from Kate & Fel. Thanks so much for sharing this tag.


1) Copy from {Start Copy Here} to {End Copy Here}.

2) Blog Brag about your husband - yes, the father of your children. As I’ve said singles may also join by bragging about their own fathers, or even grandfathers. It doesn’t matter! Of course, Daddy bloggers themselves may also join, but you have to blog about your fathers and not about yourselves, deal? Okay. Good.

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I would say my father is the most wonderful man on earth. He maybe shy person but he never got any trouble at all. He was not only a good father to us but good husband to my mom as well. He never hurt my mom for 29 years of marriage. He remain faithful and kind to us and to the people who knows him. I would say I'm proud that i got a father who loves us no matter any trials we been through, he remains the same. He even called as under di saya because he listen & follow to what my mom says. Although, he never gives us everything we need in terms of material things but he gives us all the love, care and support we can't ask for more. I would say thanks so much papa for the love and support you have given to us. Love you so much....

I'll pass this tag to my friends: Lisa, Pretty Retche, Joy, Vannie1 , Shela and Sheryl

LA Police Gear

Do you guys works as military, security professional or police officer? or your love ones served with this line of duty? If the answer is yes then perhaps you'll need a new gears or equipment to change the old ones. My hubby used to work as police auxiliary. He's been bogging me couple of times to go find new uniforms and gears for his old uniforms were already worn. But, doing that looking around the store is quite a daunting task. So, i browse online- i found a site that sells various accessories from gears to uniforms and equipments. LA Police Gear not only sells for police, military or security personnel but for everyone who likes wearing apparels could also buy from them. So, if you need tactical pants for training in camps or your already in service. Just visit their website and you ll find everything you've needed. You're not only saving for gas but you'll not get tired looking around the mall as well.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

All About Me

I got this tag from Sheryl & Fel.Thank to both of you for tagging me...

1. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
2. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their ten things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 10 people to get tagged and list their breads.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. Im too emotional person and easily gets hurt.
2. I love to go window shopping coz i cant afford.(chucks)
3. Im very showy to my feelings towards my partner.
4. I like to work to earn money but im stagnant for one year now. grrrrrrrrr...
5. I hate liars, backbiter and trying to pretend to be nice kind of people.
6. I've been dreaming to have a sexy body but it never happened. lol...
7. I loved to see ven diesel in person or even in my dreams. lol...
8. I dream to travel around the world but sorry i cant afford it. lol...
9. Im very shy person no wonder its hard for me to get a new job here.
10. Last but not the least i love to eat and eat and eat sweetsssssssss....

I would like to passed this tag and to get to know this following people:

Vannie1, Thingstothinkabout, Swissy, Sweet lily, Shiela, Noe , Naomi, Malyn ,lisa-1 and Joy

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

My friend's birthday party

Last Saturday, we attended my friend's birthday party. I was glad my hubby work late at night so we're able to attend her party. I was also glad, she introduce me to her friend who was also a filipina. At least, i got more friends here- i could get along with. It was really a very fun party. Though, there's only a few of us visitors- we still enjoy it. The food were all great, so yummy filipino foods. My diet was ruined again- i was very full. Ohh boy, that's really my weakness. I cant resist not to eat. At least i do exercise or else I'll look like a wrestler. lol..... I wish i could stopped my taste buds not to like sweets and fatty foods. What sucks, i do like comfort food w/c will really kill me in due time- if i never prevented it. Ohhhhhh help me please.......Anyway, lets forget about foods now or else ill be hungry. hhehehhehe.....

Here are couple of pictures taken at the birthday party:

Mother & Daughter who celebrated the birthday

A filipina friend who was introduced to me by the celebrant

At the back were a old couple whom became my friends too

The father of the celebrant with all the youngsters

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Arte Y Pico Award

Got this award from ...Pretty Retche thanks a lot my friend...

The rules of this tag are as follows:
1) You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also for contributing to the blogging community, no matter what language.

2) Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.

3) Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.

4) Award-winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of "Arte y Pico" blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award. Make sure you visit the link above.

When i looked at the translation of Arte y Pico, it means Art and Tip. So, i need to give this award to my friends who love art, creativity and of course, who love blogging. I am giving this to the following:
Anne, Gladys ,Janese , Sweetie3 and Kate1

Friday, May 23, 2008

Man cleared by DNA free after 27 years in prison

What would you do if your among the convicted person imprisoned for almost half of your life without even doing the crime? What would you feel? I'm not sure if i could accept it, if its in my own shoes. I might not able to endure the hardship inside the prison together with the real criminals. But, this man who spent more than 27 years in prison was able to bear with it even for a crime he didn't commit. Luckily, there's now we call DNA testing . At last, they found out he was innocent. But, unfortunately for a long time spending almost his whole life in jail. (that sucks)
His years he would have been his happy and lucky years working and having a happy family was all wasted. Maybe, he was not really lucky guy or just somebody's mistakes. I'm so happy the government now working hard of finding cases for innocent people who were put to jail without crimes committed. Thumbs up to all of you.... Anyway, for more about this story please read here

Lasik for new you

I'm not really familiar about laser surgery when i was still in the Philippines. Until, my brother-in-law told us- he should have his eyes fix through surgery. That means, he'll no longer wear his eyeglasses. He will fell better and look more younger than his age. I thought its kinda expensive but when i heard the amount of surgery, i think we can afford it. My hubby started complaining about his eyes be corrected. So, at least i find a website that offers laser surgery for some information. Lasik in Walnut Creek is one of the popular elective procedure. If your looking for satisfactions, you can choose a lot of world-class surgeons in this area. LaserVue Surgeons brings the most extensive training and experience to custom lasik patients. In terms of payment, you can pay it through traditional installments plans including interest free. They accepts cash, personal checks and credit cards. So, to those who needs vision correction or transformations, why not have your appointment now or visit their office in Walnut Creek. You maybe find here the most affordable lasik surgery and excellent service you've been looking for. Your not only feel better for being a new you but you'll also experience great service from the staff who provides care and treatment.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Friendship around the world

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5. Come back once in a while to get the master list! Let’s see how this makes our Technorati and PR goes up!
6. DO NOT REMOVE THIS: scrap page made by Yen. Using alphas and tapes from Kate H., flowers from Ida, paper by Catrine.

1. Me and Mine 2. Creative In Me 3. Little Peanut 4. Pea in a Pod 5. Sugar Magnolias 6. Because Life Is Fun 7. Piece o’Kaje 8. Mon a Bric 9. Celebrate Life 10. My Journey 11.Deeply In Love 12. Pink and Brown Diaries 13. Happyheart 14. Wilstop 15. FunFierceFab 16. Because Life is Fun 17. Just Me.. Eds. 18. Can of Thoughts 19. DesignsByVhiel 20. Anything and Everything in Between. 21. Surviving deployment 22. Joy - my daily discourse , your blog...

Thanks Ruby for this tag.
Im tagging : Fel , Gladys , Pretty Retche, Marilyn and Kate1


Do you guys loved to cook? Do you make your own recipes for every celebrations like birthdays, Christmas, thanksgiving and anniversaries. Then, why not share some recipes you love through digital recipe card. That way, you can show your friends your unique style of cooking and recipes other people might want. Just sign up for you own profile here Easy Recipes and start storing your recipes online whatever you want. What makes this website unique from other recipe site is that you share your own recipes to your friends and will have some ideas from other members. Your not only helping others get ideas from you but you'll also learn from their own style of cooking. and new recipes you might want to try.

Monday, May 19, 2008

How to pray when you're depressed

Sometimes in our lives, we experience depression because we couldn't handle anymore all the trials we've gone through. Seemingly, it haunting us more and makes heavy burdens to our shoulders. During that test, we may alter the way we believed God. We feel God has abandoned us. When we pray it seems to be useless because we are unable to focus in our prayers due to boredom, frustration and anger. But, there are ways how to pray when you're depressed.

What to do:

1. Find a quite place- Its easy for us to feel the presence of God if the place is comfortable and nobody will destruct you. This way, you're more focus the way you pray and thanking God.

2. Go for a walk- it helps you find the beauty of the outside and gives you fresh air.

3. Remember others who are hurting- Make time to call who also in pain and uplift their spirits through God's name.

4. Hold on the cross- Hold a crucifix in your hands and think of Jesus agony. Think of how Jesus redeem us from our sins, that way you'll feel God's love for us.

5. Hold on to God's words- Read a bible and embrace God's presence and love even the times of sorrows and heartaches.

6. Open yourself to God- Say what you feel in your prayers and open yourself to God's love.

7. Reflect on Jesus Cry- Read the Bible verse while thinking about it: "My God, my God, why have you forgotten me?" This is the time when Jesus feels abandonment.

8. Stop by your Church- Try stopping by your church and connect with one who loves you.

9. Repeat the name of Jesus- This way you'll feel God is with you and embrace you when your in burdens.

10. Spend time in God's presence- Join for Eucharistic adoration and spend time with God's presence.

Cozy Homewares

I've been bugging my hubby to change our bathroom curtains, at least for a little transformation. But, i want it more Eco-friendly kind of materials and at the same time pretty to look. So, i browse online and find a website that sells fabric shower curtains , chef's cooking aprons, shower curtain liners and reusable grocery bags. I'm really glad i found this site because i can also replaced plastic grocery bags which is not good for our environment. The mesh grocery bags are made of cotton mesh woven from strong string which is really amazing and durable. I'm not only promoting for Eco-friendly environment but also brings fresh style and beauty to our bathroom.
So, guys if your planning to transform you bathroom to a new look, why not try cozy home wares products. With that, you can also help make earth clean by replacing plastic bags to a more Eco-friendly recycled bags.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Daily Inspiration"

" No matter how tough life gets, if you can see the shore (of heaven) and draw your strength to Christ, you'll make it."

Wanna Play Paintball?

My hubby wants to teach me how to used gun in a shooting range. I refuse it because I'm pretty scared using real guns. I once tried gun shooting when we have our training but unfortunately i didn't passed it. But, how about trying to used paintball guns, i might enjoy it and learn as well. I did browse online and found a site that sells Tippmann x7 , spyder, GXG paintball equipment, discounted paintball supplies and paintball accessories. I'm sure my husband will loved it especially he is fond of collecting guns. So guys, if you loved to explore things and want some fun, paintball guns is for you. But, if your budget is a little tight then Paintball Gun Packages will help you saved more money by discounted set of packages. We're not only enjoying the moment but we'll also learn by practicing how to shoot using paintball guns.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

How do you know your man cheated on you?

Do you guys experience infidelity? I'm talking here about your man or husband cheating on you.
I know some of us encountered this kind of devastating and emotional trials in our lives that somehow changes our views on finding the right man for us. Through all the heartaches we perceived makes us even more stronger and we'll learn a great lesson. Based on my experiences from my previous relationship and my friend's broken marriages. I come up with question on how to find out if our guys were unfaithful to us. I have been asking various questions from friends whose marriages were annulled and family broke up. There were several signs you could detect your boyfriend or hubby had an affair with another girl. Some of their answers were almost similar and some were not.
Here's some of the signs your boyfriend/husband was cheating on you:
1. He never says i love you anymore where he used to do.
2. He forgets to greet you in your special day or valentines day.
3. He never ask your anymore for a date where you usually do.
4. He always had an excuse like being busy at work.
5. He never texted you or call you anymore the way he used to do before.
5. When your together in a date, he excuses to go somewhere but he made a call. of course, you don't know why and who he was calling.
6. if ever he got his cellphone you wonder he is always texting or he hides it from you.
7. He even bring his cellphone when he poofs or if he went to bathroom.
8. Look your monthly phone bill- its getting bigger.
9. He 's conscious about his appearance. no wonder he always take a bath, smells good and always dress up when he goes out.
10. He acts different and argues with you a lot.
11. You see recurring numbers appears in his cellphone or unfamiliar names in his emails/phonebook.
12. He does not kiss or hug you goodbye anymore.
13. He always comes home late at night.
14. Always hangs up with friends late at night.
15. Have hard time talking or looking at you.
16. You rarely have sex or none at all. (no emotions anymore)
17. When there is rumors of him having an affair with other women.( though not all rumors is true)
18. Smells of uncharacteristic smell of perfumes or sexual odours.
19. He is too defensive when you asked where he goes and why he comes home late.
20. Almost all women intuition were correct. If you feel your husband or boyfriend cheated on you, chances your correct.
These are some signs of infidelity that i gathered based on my own experience in my past boyfriend and my friends observations from their broken relationships and marriages. So, feel free to comment if you feel my observations were wrong. Perhaps, this doesn't appear to be correct at all. But, all of this were just answers from people who experienced it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

SocialSpark Is Live

I've been asking my friends what websites that hits & monetize your blog. Then, one of my friends introduced me to SocialSpark . I immediately visited the website and make my own profile. I find it very interesting because your not only gaining friends from around the world but you earn money as well. Though, you'll need to wait for your blog to be 3 month old before it will be approved but at least its worth waiting for. Once, your blog is approved, you can start browsing for opportunities from various advertisers and make your opinion of a certain products and services you choose. SocialSpark helps monetize your blog, build community and drive traffic. As a matter of fact, i started to communicate with friends through this community. Its pretty amazing how easy you can learn from different person's point of views, experiences and cultures after reading their blogs. One of My friend profile captures my attention because of its unique content and the way she manages her busy schedule working while she still able to find time with her children. I really appreciate her being strong and struggles for the sake of her family. Shes among the blogger who got traffic and high props from her profile and blogs. What i like most with SocialSpark is that its not only making you gain friends from around the world but you benefit as well for earning your own income. Especially, if your at home individuals finding ways to earn a little income just to help pay bills and everyday expenses. Perhaps, this would be a great opportunity for you to at least enjoy the moment with your family and earn at the same time. So guys, what are you waiting for, join us now and start building traffic to your blogs and earn money. If your interested please visit My Profile and don't hesitate to sign up your own account and add me to your friends list. By reading my profile, you could know me better from my previous and latest post of my daily experiences dealing with my marriage and challenges from various aspects of my life.

Worldwide Link Love

Thanks del for this tag :)

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Join the Worldwide Link Love!
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1. Make new friends around the world.
2. Feel the Link Love.
3. Gain new readers and subscribers.


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4. Tag eight (8) or more of your blog friends.
5. Tip for blogspot users: make sure you copy and paste the code in Compose mode.

Wanna join, and you can’t find your name on the list? Just leave a comment here.

Worldwide Link Love Participants: ( From Lira )

1. Julia (Philippines)
2. Catherine (Malaysia)
3. shimumsy (U.S.A)
4. Mitch (Philippines)
5. Hailey (Philippines)
6. Sexymom (U.S.A)
7. Liza (Philippines)
8. Ness (U.S.A)
9. Lira (U.S.A)
10. Juliana (U.S.A)

Participants from Lisa:
1. Julia (Philippines)
2. Catherine (Malaysia)
3. shimumsy (U.S.A)
4. Mitch (Philippines)
5. Hailey (Philippines)
6. Sexymom ( U.S.A)
7. Liza (Philippines)
8. Juliana (U.S.A)
9. Juliana (U.S.A)
10. Juliana (U.S.A)
11. Del (Philippines)
12. Del (Philippines)
13. Joy Ball (U.S.A)

I'm tagging Anne, meg, lynn, Kate, Noe , Geramie, Gerl and Joy Burlinson

Lap Band Surgery

Do you guys struggled to lose weight? But, in spite all the efforts from exercising, dieting and any kind of trial and errors nothing happens. Then don't worry guys, we could have an option for losing those extra weight. I find a website that offers a comprehensive weight-loss surgery that will guide you through every step your journey towards success.LAP BAND System is the safest and proven obesity surgery that is also adjustable to life. They are there to help you through your journey to a better health and improve quality of life. From recipe tips, support groups, forums, exercises routines to learning to love yourself. So, what are you waiting guys make this your first step to your weight loss success. Perhaps, it would be the biggest change of your life through loving yourself more.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Whattah nice day...

For the past few days, I've been bugging my hubby to go to the furniture store beside the restaurant where we always eat. Since, the store is near the restaurant, we could easily proceed there if we want. I really want to browse something that i could purchased in the future if we finished fixing our living room. But, he keep on telling me sorts of alibis so we couldn't get there. But luckily, my hubby's friends was not able to meet us for unexpected circumstances happened. Supposedly, they will be meeting us to see me in person. Though, its sad they're not able to see me. lol! But at least, i still able to convince my husband to get inside the furniture store. He let me go by myself coz he cant go with me- he was still wearing his auxiliary police uniform. So, i immediately sneaked inside to see if i could find what i like. I notice the entrance room beside the cashier was not that appealing to me. But when i enter to the next room, i see different rooms where you could see various kinds of furniture's from living room to kitchen appliances. I was amazed because its cheaper and still nice even though its already used. I even bought a picture frame that cost only for $5 and both figurines for $1. Imagine how cheap it was for a nice stuffs. lol... Maybe, i could purchase for more if my hubby was not in hurry. I'm pretty sure we'll be coming back again to buy some more stuffs. Second thing, that makes me happy today- my high paying post so far was approved. I'm looking forward for more opps.... I wished....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I know BloggerWave through my friends post. I immediately looked the website and sign up. Fortunately, they approved my blog the next day. I was pretty excited when i receive my first opportunity. I cant believed this site gave me more opportunity right away. So, to all my friends who are looking extra money in their packet. I would recommend to try BloggerWave. Just give your honest opinion of a certain products and services and then your good to go. They offer more opportunities and aiming to be Europe's biggest advertising media on blogs. I cant wait to look forward to this great opportunities along the way. So come on guys and join BloggerWave.

Monday, May 12, 2008

One of my pencil drawing

Yesterday, i draw one of the picture i saw in my hubby's album using a pencil. It doesn't look like the face i copied with but my husband likes it. He told me to sign it and gather all the drawings in one album. Its not really for professional artist but for me i was able to express my feelings and emotions through my sketch. Perhaps a fun for me .....

Sunday, May 11, 2008

High Prices Sucks

I'm really pissed off of this unending increase of gas prices. Its ridiculous! When will this high racketing prices end. Even the cost of groceries we had just bought easily inclined than last month. I couldn't figure out how to budget our daily expenses especially having many bills that we're trying to catch up. I tried applying jobs but hourly wages is not enough to cover the expenses. I cant allow my hubby to drive for me everyday for $ 9/hr for only 30 hours a week. I'm just working for nothing ... You cant blame me if our place is many miles away. Bus Transportation here is not a secure option either. I cant learned driving if we only practice once a week. I don't think so... I'm dumb headed with this driving thing... I should practice everyday but we're trying not to spend on gas. Its expensive you know... Last week while we're heading back home from the mall, a sound comes out w/c means the truck is now hungry and needed a fuel. I asked my hubby, he just got gas the other day for full tank. Then why the hell it needed gas again. Holy Cow! I better stopped going to mall from now on or just go there once a month. Its not a wise idea to go there every week spending shopping, eating in a restaurant and waste gas.
I should find ways help my hubby pay our bills or even lower our monthly expenses. That way we're not only saving our money but be together as well at our house.

Coming Out Of My Shell As A Shy Person

The above video was one of my embarrassing moment i experience while I'm in front the t.v. singing my favorite song. My hubby doesn't know that i sing because I'm really a shy person. He was shocked when he hear me singing for he never saw me doing that before while he was around. He was laughing when he took video on me. Of course, i was embarrassed because i know i had a horrible voice. But at least, i was able to overcome my shyness w/c makes me coming out of my shell as a shy person . Speaking of coming out my shell, i know a lot of us likes to eat oysters whether it be raw or undercooked. Well, I saw a website that helps us be aware of eating raw or undercooked oysters especially if we belong to at-risk individuals. Gulf oysters website makes us informed that eating raw oysters of at-risk person may cause to a serious illness and even death from Vibrio vulnificus bacteria. So if you have illnesses or you have weak immune system, you should avoid eating raw oysters. This includes educational background regarding the bacteria and recipes that would allow at-risk individual consume cooked oysters either its grilled, fried or baked. For more information about this site please click Gulf oysters to be informed, cautious, smart and be sure.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Things To Do

Thanks Anne for this tag.

Here are my Top 5 Things to do:

1. Do my pencil drawing.

2. Bake a cornbread muffins.

3. Watch a movie together with mu hubby.

4. Window Shopping at the mall.

5. Do my weekly Cleaning Chores.

BUSY PEOPLE: 1.) my chopsuey 2.) mind bubbles 3.) vanity kit 4.) somethingpurple 5.) a detour 6.) Confessions of a Supermodel Wannabe 7.) Mitch of When Silence Speaks 8.) Hailey's Domain 9.) Hailey's Beats and Bits 10.) Air Sick 11.) Avee's Adventures 12.) Never Ending Stories 13.) Essay of Life 14.) Tasteful Voyage 15.) A mom's note 16.) AnnelovesWill 17.) Joyball 18. you're next here

Let's list down your things to do: SimplyFilipina, Shiela , Naomi, Mikaella , Lutchi and Jana

Friday, May 9, 2008

To Do Tag

Thanks God is Friday. Who wouldnt love this last day of the weekdays? I know this is my most awaiting day. Because Im off work and Its time for me to do things i love.
1. Go out for a dinner.
2. Go shop at Grocery Store.
3. Do my weekly Cleaning Chores.
4. Spend time together with my hubby.
5. Watch for new movies.

Id love to hear from these other blogger mates:

Thanks for this tag Gerthy , i appreciate it.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Tribute To All Moms

Mothers Day is near approaching... Have u decided what to give to your moms? Anyway, I'm not really celebrating Mothers Day while still at home. I don't even know it exist until college days. But, when i gets older and married- i realized how hard to do my role as wife. Though, i don't have child yet- I still feel the burden mom carries everyday just to make us happy. Sometimes, she forgets to treat herself just for the sake of her children. She never bother to get hurt the times we're in trouble. She fights for us no matter if we're in mistakes or not. She makes us feel confident every time we're afraid to try. She's always there to comfort us in times of heartaches. She never ever abandon us the times we needed her in our shoulders. She's always there for us no matter what. I still recall the time we had an argument. she never talk to me for one month for she gets hurt by what i said. But, i know how hard it was for her not able to talk to me that long time. I apologize for my mistakes, we both cried. She told me how it killed her not talking to me. Its like being stabbed by a knife at the back. Its better for her to have misunderstanding with anybody than her children. After that happening, we never fight again that extremes. She makes it sure to have a forum every time there's disagreement in our family. The reason i wrote this blog is to say gratitude to my mom who loves me and never forsaken me the times I'm down. Your awesome mom... I love you so much... will love you more for the rest of my life... Happy Mothers Day...

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

5 Star Award

Thanks for this 5 Star Blog Award I received from my friendly co-blogger Anne , I want to share this award to the following friends namely, Pretty Retche, Bernadeth , Kharlota , Florence and

ENGOBI a caffeine chips

Do you guys enjoy eating snack chips and energy drinks at the same time? Guess what, i just found ENGOBI's website w/c means energy go bites for short . If your looking for chips that infused with caffeine then this is what your looking for. My hubby is a coffee and chips lover. He used to drink coffee with chips as his snacks. I'm pretty sure he will love this delicious snacks. ENGOBI's website is going to launch an exciting new era of snacking where you will enjoy. You can choose two different flavors, the cinnamon surge and lemon lift. Each single bag consist of at least 70% of caffeine which according to them equivalent to a cup of brewed coffee or energy drinks. The suggested price of $1.29 per bag of 1.5 ounce is not that bad. ENGOBI will be distributed in grocery stores nationwide this month. I cant wait finding for this snacks in aisles at the grocery store just to taste this crunchy cinnamon flavor chips. I would definitely loved it. hmmmmmm ... yummy..... huh....

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Naomi tagged me to put into writing the top 10 things I would be doing in the next days to come. Well, here they are:

1. We will visit my hubby's family at Jackson Michigan.
2. Go to Detroit Zoo for the first time.
3. Have my maiden name changed to married name at SSA Office.
4. Prepare my Requirements for upcoming Interview at Immigration Office.
5. Do come cleaning Chores inside our house.
6. Go to a Filipino Store to buy stuffs.
7. Cook a Filipino Food for my hubby.
8. Change my Exercise routine due to my weight gain.
9. Go to the mall for shopping.
10. Find a Job.

Now it's time to share the things you need to do: Pretty Retche, Marilyn , Ruby Casal and SimplyFilipina

Prepaid Phonecards

When i was still in the Philippines, my hubby used to call me almost everyday. He was been using his mobile phone from a company who provides phone services and Internet just to communicate with me for three years. I'm pretty sure, it cost a lot to call your love ones abroad.
I even tried calling him with my phone and it really hurts my packet. I always advise him to used prepaid phone card to at least save money for long distance phone bills. When i got here, i continued the routine and getting more worse. I called my family back home every other day to hear their voices. The monthly bills keeps on higher and accumulated sometimes. I know my husband wanted me to stopped calling my parents for we couldn't catch up paying our monthly bills especially when the time, he was out of job for 3 months.
So, i been looking for many months for a cheap Prepaid Phone Cards just to help lessen our monthly phone bills. Its pretty daunting task to find a cheap International Phone Cards nowadays. Especially this time of economic crisis, its pretty rare to find a cheap International long distance calls. The economy declines due to high racketing prices of gasoline and foods. It sounds frustrating when you see huge monthly phone bills coming with other bills trying to catch up the payments. So i browse online and found a website that has International Phone Cards.
Their phone cards not only offer excellent voice quality but also has great value. They got lowest rates calling card plans, best variety of phone cards to choose and secure online purchase delivery without hassles of waiting. Phone cards avenue provides cheap international phone cards and allows to save up to 80% or more over regular phone provider like at&t, sprint and such. So if your tired of paying unending big amounts of dollars to your phone provider why not try buying online this cheap prepaid phone cards in their website phone cards in the convenient of your own homes.
We are not only saving ample of money but we could enjoy the moment to call our love ones back home without worrying how much we gonna pay for long hours of chit chat of whats the latest happening in our country through our families and friends. Now, my hubby will not only be happy to find our monthly bills gets lesser and save extra money but also enjoy the excellent voice quality of every calls with his children.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Howie Mandel Meets the 26K of Kapamilya Deal or No Deal

I was hesitant at first when hubby told me about Deal or No Deal featured in the philippines hosted by Mandel. I only believed when i heard kris aquino speaking tagalog. I immediately headed to the living room to watched the show. At least our very own country will be seen all around the world. shocks.... lol! See how Mandel praise the 26K and ofcourse the filipino hospitality. Its great... were now well known for being the 3rd english speaking country. see.... amazing huh...

Sweet Super Mall

I'm a type of person who wants shopping. But with soaring gas prices, i don't think i could do that every week. So, i browse a website where i could look for things i like. I found its like a virtual mall where you could search for the things like electronics gadgets, women's clothing and much more depending on your choice. Its pretty amazing, i could see pictures to choose and how much it cost. They have good quality and prices is affordable. Its now easy for me to shop in my own convenient without spending gas & restaurant money. I cant wait to see their new arrivals.

What a Great Day!

Its really a great day today... First thing, i already received my appointment letter for the upcoming interview from the Immigration. For many months of waiting at last i got it now. I almost lost my patients and hope that the immigration might lost our application. At least i feel relief now that we already have our interview schedule. Though, i got mixed emotions of excitement and fears that we might screwed up in our interview. But I'm still hopeful that it will turn out fine in our interview day. Fingers crossed and constant prayers only....
Second thing, i got a couch signature checkbook wallet w/c i never expected. My hubby never told me about buying a wallet. He surprised me, i never thought he'll bought me one until i receive it from the mail man. Well, I'm so glad and touch my hubby is full of surprises. I wish he will not change and keep on being a wonderful husband. lol... that's what we like girls....
I still remember last Christmas, he also surprise me with a diamond necklace and ring. I never expected it too. No wonder he wanted me to turn on the light. Its because my 2 little gifts is in front of my computer. how sweet... lol! Wish some more diamond in the future.... hehhehehe..

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Saturday Night

Yesterday, we went to Asian Village- a popular bar here in Detroit. We arrived there early waiting for many hours for the bar to get started. I was with my Filipina friend who happened to be the lover of my hubby's comrade. What i really like with my friend chona, shes very cool person and never change. Shes been here for 25 years but she still able to retain the Filipina traditions.
But, its sad to say there were instances that i encountered snobbed Filipinos. Like when we're in the bar, we saw two Filipinos who were snobbed. We asked the guy if he was Filipino and he answered yes. But after that he left without even saying something. I just cant understand why they got such attitude. To think they were Filipinos. Anyway, i cant stopped them to treat us like idiot. That's their choice... i don't care. Perhaps, they would realized their mistakes and change the way they treat their race. Anyway, to sum it all- we enjoyed our night dancing and have some drinks. Though, the bar was really crowded- it doesn't stopped us to make a groove. lol!
Probably, we will go back there again soon for more fun. I really enjoyed it.....

Scented Candles

Do you guys looking for a scented candles? guess what i found this website . Their candles are soy based so they burn cleaner and better for the environment. You could choose whatever scent you like. The price ranges from $ 3 to $ 21, the price is not that bad. Its affordable and pretty sure fragrant ones. At least, i would not look anymore around the mall making me tired. Its not only make me save for gas but also save me for the price.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


I found this new launched blog paying website GetPaidToPost that pays when you post in any website you like. Rates starting from just $.25 to $100 depending how many you've posted for that day. You could post to whatever campaigns available that day. This is great for those who just got started blogging. At least you could grab and accumulate the given task of the day and still earn. Perhaps, its not a big payment for those who are blogging a quite long time. But, its better to earn less than nothing for a day. Sometimes, we are out of ideas what to post in our web page. I'm pretty sure, this could help us get more ideas what to post in our respective sites. We are not only honing our minds but will earn as well. So weather your a neophyte poster or blogging for a long period time, GetPaidToPost is really a big help and advantage for us. I would not hesitate to recommend my friends to try joining this site. I cant wait to work and post whatever campaign i like as long its still available for my time.

Free Dresser

While heading home from a restaurant, we saw a vintage style dresser set along the street. The dresser was just for free to those who liked it. I cant believe the owner give it away. Its still nice for me- perhaps, they doesn't like it anymore. lol... Anyway, it happen i was among the people who wanted free stuff so i never hesitate to tell my hubby to acquire it. At least, we'll no longer purchase one- spending money for expensive dresser sucks. We can still used the money for something more important though. I used to look free stuff in craigslist website- its really fun. You can see various of things there given away to those who will drive in their locations. Its better than going to garage sales. lol! funny me... Unfortunately, my hubby wont allow me to do that. As what he says- its only a waste of gas. Blah...Blah... Thankfully, its a mere chance we've able to grab a free dresser in unexpected place and time.

Here's the Free Dresser we got

Friday, May 2, 2008

Your Time is Gold; So Precious to me...

My friend email me this story of a man who was very busy working and doesn't have time anymore for his family and friends. Maybe this could make us learn a valuable lesson to at least remember our friends and family who loves us. Sometimes in our hectic schedules we forget to greet on special occasions, call our family or even visit a friend. We doesn't know our fate and what gonna happen. Perhaps, it will be too late for us to tell how much we loved them and appreciate the things they've done to us.


A young man learns what's most important in life from the guy next door.

It had been some time since Jack had seen the old man. College, girls, career, and life itself got in the way. In fact, Jack moved clear across the country in pursuit of his dreams.

There, in the rush of his busy life, Jack had little time to think about the past and often no time to spend with his wife and son. He was working on his future, and nothing could stop him.

Over the phone, his mother told him, "Mr. Belser died last night. The funeral is Wednesday." Memories flashed through his mind like an old newsreel as he sat quietly remembering his childhood days. "Jack, did you hear me? " "Oh, sorry, Mom. Yes, I heard you.

It's been so long since I thought of him. I'm sorry, but I honestly thought he died years ago," Jack said. "Well, he didn't forget you. Every time I saw him he'd ask how you were doing.. He'd reminisce about the many days you spent over 'his side of the fence' as he put it," Mom told him.
"I loved that old house he lived in," Jack said. "You know, Jack, after your father died, Mr. Belser stepped in to make sure you had a man's influence in your life," she said "He's the one who taught me carpentry," he said. "I wouldn't be in this business if it weren't for him. He spent a lot of time teaching me things he thought were important ... Mom, I'll be there for the funeral," Jack said. As busy as he was, he kept his word. Jack caught the next flight to his hometown.

Mr. Belser's funeral was small and uneventful. He had no children of his own, and most of his relatives had passed away. The night before he had to return home, Jack and his Mom stopped by to see the old house next door one more time. Standing in the doorway, Jack paused for a moment. It was like crossing over into another dimension, a leap through space and time.

The house was exactly as he remembered. Every step held memories. Every picture, every piece of furniture. Jack stopped suddenly. "What's wrong, Jack?" his Mom asked. "The box is gone," he said "What box?" Mom asked."There was a small gold box that he kept locked on top of his desk. I must have asked him a thousand times what was inside. All he'd ever tell me was 'the thing I value most,'" Jack said. It was gone. Everything about the house was exactly how Jack remembered it, except for the box. He figured someone from the Belser family had taken it. "Now I'll never know what was so valuable to him," Jack said. "I better get some sleep. I have an early flight home, Mom." It had been about two weeks since Mr. Belser died.

Returning home from work one day, Jack discovered a note in his mailbox. "Signature required on a package. No one at home. Please stop by the main post office within the next three days," the note read. Early the next day Jack retrieved the package.

The small box was old and looked like it had been mailed a hundred years ago. The handwriting was difficult to read, but the return address caught his attention. "Mr. Harold Belser" it read. Jack took the box out to his car and ripped open the package. There inside was the gold box and an envelope. Jack's hands shook as he read the note inside. "Upon my death, please forward this box and its contents to Jack Bennett.

It's the thing I valued most in my life." A small key was taped to the letter. His heart racing, as tears filling his eyes, Jack carefully unlocked the box. There inside he found a beautiful gold pocket watch. Running his fingers slowly over the finely etched casing, he unlatched the cover. Inside he found these words engraved: "Jack, Thanks for your time! - Harold Belser.""The thing he valued most time" Jack held the watch for a few minutes then called his office and cleared his appointments for the next two days. "Why?" Janet, his assistant asked. "I need some time to spend with my son," he said. "Oh, by the way, Janet thanks for your time!"
"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away,"

Think about this. You may not realize it, but it's 100% true.

1. At least 2 people in this world love you so much they would die for you.
2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way.
3. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you.
4. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep.
5. You mean the world to someone.
6. If not for you, someone may not be living.
7. You are special and unique.
8. When you think you have no chance of getting what you want, you probably won't get it, but if you believe in possibilities and have faith you will get it or something better.
9. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good can still come from it.
10. When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a look: you most likely turned your back on the world.
11. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you.
12. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks.
13. Always tell someone how you feel about them; you will feel much better when they know and you'll both be happy.
14. If you have a great friend, take the time to let them know that they are great.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

How will we spend the economic stimulus package?

I'm just wondering if you guys already think how will you spend the money from economic stimulus payment that were going to receive this first week of may. As what i know in the news that started next week, IRS will be sending the stimulus payment deposited directly to your account if you got one and paper check if you don't have direct account depending on the last 2 digit number of your ssn. You will be lucky to receive it earlier if your last 2 digit ssn starts in lower number. But anyway its all the same thing, you'll received the payment if you qualified and already filed tax return this year regarding if your single, married or veterans. The time we hear the rumors of this package, we already planned of how we gonna spend the money. Even the times of this high racketing prices of gas and foods- we still think of spending it for a none sense material things. Maybe, its really meant for this to makes the economy status at least progressed. But, i know its not the right way to do- it will just make us more worse than ever. Its better for us to pay our credit cards to lessen our burdens of paying huge interest. I know there are more fortunate who can afford to spend these sort of payment but with all those who are struggling like us maybe this is great a options. I cant stopped each person not to spend what they like if they wanted to splurge once in awhile in their lives. Perhaps, they wanted to go for vacation in Cancun to get away all the stress. Or buy HDTV, jewelries, computers & etc... It really depends of the situations of the family and individuals. There are certain reasons for every plans and action we do. So maybe, i would say good luck and enjoy your spending.... hehhehhehhe......