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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm sad!

I am really sad today. My niece was admitted to the hospital due to convulsion. My sisters told me that she got sick a couple days ago. And just yesterday, she was having a seizure. This was common to babies who have high fever. When I was still a baby, I always confined to the hospital because I have convulsion almost every week. That is what my mom told me. Luckily, they listened to the old folks that I should be sold to a healthy family. They just get the money to buy a candle. They bring the candle to the church and pray for me. And, it’s really working. After they sold me, I seldom get sick. Anyways, I’m really sad because my grandfather and niece were confined in the hospital. Hopefully, they will get better soon most importantly my little niece. I’m worried since according to my sister their neighbor’s child got dengue. I pray that she only have a fever. God forbids! It’s really hard if you’re away from home. You can’t sleep well thinking of their condition. I know God is good. He will heal them.

A woman's montly miracle, C'Elle

Two days ago, my mom called me in the phone just to let me know that my grandfather’s medical condition was getting complicated. He was confined in the hospital since last week. The wound on his foot was getting worse and infected. He could no longer get up by himself. To make it short, he was weak and needs surgery. As what I’ve heard, poor healing of wounds, particularly of the feet can lead to gangrene and possibly to amputation. I am hoping that it would not end up leading to amputation. The entire family was extremely concerned. My mom has diabetes just like my grandfather and I hope that I do not come down with this disease as well. It's really scary. That’s the reason I planned on getting C’elle collection kit. With C’elle’s exclusive and propriety technology, stem cells in a woman’s menstrual blood can easily be collected, isolated and cryo-preserved. According to the research, menstrual stem cells may be the basis of medical treatments for serious diseases such as heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes, stroke and more. You can read the C'Elle Testimonials to learn more about this life saving stem cells. The good news is that you can take advantage of the special price offer of $499 annual plan ($200 retail savings) plus rhinestone engraved C’elle satchel if you order right now. (Use code: CNB200 when ordering, offer ends on January 31, 2009) So what are you waiting for? Order C'elle Now.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Late Christmas Gift!

A couple days ago, I finally got the diamond chocker necklace I was eyeing for a long time. It’s a late Christmas gift from hubby. He never gave me any gift last Christmas. Wink* But, I never complained about it. LOL! I’m already happy and satisfied for his love for me. I can’t ask for more. However, I can’t deny that I was really happy the time he brought me to the jewelry store. You can really see the smile on my face that time. It’s not only a smile but also a very wide smile. LOL! Just kidding! I even told him that this necklace would be the last jewelry. Wait! I’m not finished yet. I mean! This will be the last jewelry for this year. Hehehe! Since the economy is not that good nowadays, I’ll cut back on buying jewelries this time. We need to make sure first that our bills is already paid. Hopefully, I could pass my road test and find a job. I will not choose for good paying jobs. As long as I can help my husband pay off the bills and mortgage then I’m already happy with it. For now, I’ll keep on praying that I could pass the road test. And, I’m praying that the economy will get better soon. Fingers crossed!

Help Consumers Fight Debt

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Sinugba- Grilled Fish

I saw this picture while browsing online. In my dialect, we call it “Sinugba” means grilled fish. Usually, we have this dish when we go to beach. We make sauce made of vinegar and soy sauce. But, I like it more when I put some chili pepper on it. It’s spicy and yummy. I am drooling for this dish right now. LOL! I’m sure most of the Filipinos love this dish. Of course, it’s yummier if we cook some sweet potatoes and unripe bananas with it. Hmmmm! Yummy! I already missed it. What I love most in the Philippines is that we can buy fresh fish in the market. When I got here, I don’t find any market that sells fresh fish. I would be glad if I find one in our city. I really want to cook grilled fish. Or, I just have to wait till I have my vacation in the Philippines so I could get one. Hopefully, it will happen sooner. I’m pretty excited right now. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Get Cash For Your Gold Jewelry!

The entire country is experiencing a tough economic downfall right now. With high prices of food and gasoline, many Americans are trying to find ways to save money. Every household feels the pinch of ridiculous increase prices. The percentage rate of unemployment has surge tremendously. Even the cost of medicine is rapidly increasing. The rate of house foreclosure has increase in the last few years as well. As what I’ve said lately, most of us are looking for alternative ways to help save money to make ends meet. Some of us cut back on unnecessary items like gadgets, jewelries and even clothing. I even heard some people spend less on their groceries nowadays than last year. Some households were selling all their valuable things just to pay bills and mortgages. Just today, I’ve watched the news regarding a woman who sold her wedding ring just to pay their debts. It’s really sad to hear that there are a lot of people suffering from these tough times. It’s really sad but I guess this is the reality. We need to accept and do whatever it takes to live each day. I’m praying and hoping that the economy will get better soon. Anyway, I have something to share with you regarding cash 4 gold. Selling your gold is one of the options to get cash immediately. Gold is at its highest value in decades, so selling gold is very worthwhile. cash 4 gold buys your unwanted or broken gold jewelry for cash. Their company has grown into one of the largest and most respected precious metal refineries in the United States. They purchase second hand jewelry for refining. Prices are based solely on the weight and karat grade contained in the jewelry. The company does not generally pay for gemstones other than small diamonds. So if you want to sell your unwanted jewelry, then you better visit their website right now.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just an update!

This is my update regarding my weight loss journey. But, I’m not happy about it. LOL! You probably want to know why. Well, I was pissed when I found out I only lose half a pound for 1 week. It’s not a big deal for you. But, it is for me. I exercise everyday for about 45 minutes but I don’t understand why I never lose even 2 pounds. What the heck! Last week, I lose 2 pounds but how come I lose ½ pound this week. I’m really confused. Please somebody help me what I need to do to lose at least 2 pounds a week. I feel hopeless right now. I even started to eat veggies and fruits. Gosh! Maybe, my metabolism is very slow. That’s why I never lose enough pounds. I envied my husband who easily loses weight even if he doesn’t workout. Sigh! Now, I wanted to quit. I’m sorry if it sounds that I’m whining in my post. I just want to pour all my frustration here. My husband advices me to lift heavy weights so I would build muscles and lose more weight. And, I might try it. Hopefully, it will work for me.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Healthy Lifestyles

I’m sure all of us wanted to live healthy lifestyles but sometimes there’s something hinders us to do it. Well, there are various reasons why most of us never get what we expect. We never plan it well, which makes us quit easier. Sometimes, we are not aware of what is really the right formula to lose weight. It’s common sense- proper diet and exercise. Yeah, it’s easy words to say but hard to do. Like me, it’s hard for me to follow and fight all my cravings. But, I know we can do it if we’re really determined to lose weight. However, there are things we should keep in mind on how to keep it off a long term. This is what I’ve seen from people who have successfully lost their weight.

Here’s what I notice:

-They eat three meals a day and 2 snacks a day. Of course, they never skip breakfast.
-They always have fruits and vegetables in their grocery list.
-They still consume fats- good fats like peanuts, avocados or any monounsaturated fats.
-They always eat snacks but a healthy one such as yogurt, nuts, celery and cheese.
-They eat balance meals, which makes their metabolism works efficiently.
-Have time to exercise- an exercise that they enjoy most and can sustain over a lifetime.
-They have a balance diet that features a healthy amount of protein balanced with lots of high-quality” slow carbs”.
-Positive minds- they never quit and most of them tend to stay slim forever.

Broadband Telephone Service

We all know that the economy is in recession right now. The unemployment rate increases throughout the country. The whole price of basic foods and gasoline also increases not only in this country but all over the world as well. Some families probably lose their houses since they can no longer pay their monthly mortgages. It’s really scary. We are not certain of our future economy. That’s why we should be ready, save money and not spend for unnecessary things. In order to save money, you need to spend less than you earn. Of course, it includes the payment for bills, mortgage and basic necessities. If you can’t live without phone and Internet then the best option would be broadband telephone service to save more money. I stumble upon an amazing site that offers a remarkable telephony services. ITP currently stands at the forefront of the VoIP revolution, delivering the quality of traditional phone service and surpassing the competition in value added features. The best part is, ITP offers residential and business solutions for a fraction of the price of traditional phone service. Using an existing high-speed Internet connection, ITP technology enables anyone to make and receive phone calls-worldwide- with a touch-tone telephone. This is pretty amazing. Huh! So what are you waiting for? Check it out now.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Top 10 Dropper For the Month of December

Please forgive me if I posted this very late. But at least, I posted it within this month. Anyway, I want to thank the top 10 droppers for the month of December. I really appreciate all your efforts by dropping your cards to my blog. Hopefully, you will continue visiting my site. And, I promise to visit you back as much as I can. Please bear with me for not posting interesting topics in my blog. I’m not really very good with blogging but I tried my best. I only post all my daily experiences since this is more on personal blog. In fact, I can’t believe that PPP accepted this blog in their system. At least, I can grab opportunities in their marketplace. Hehehe! Once again, thank to my top 10 droppers. See you again next month!

Top 10 Dropper:

Whatever Comes To My Mind-31
Mutual Love-31
Wonderful Things in LIfe-31
Comedy Plus-31
Trade Forex Online-30
Our Journey to Forever-30
Pinoy Web Surfer-30
New Orleans Food & Fun-30
Daily Coloring Pages-30

Promises Treatment Center

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2nd Week Journal

Today, I was happy because I lose 2 pounds for one week. If you remember I posted that I’m going to start an exercise routine everyday and eat less fatty foods. My first week is really difficult since I’m not used to exercise anymore. I get easily tired but I feel good after I finished the 45 minutes tae boo or 50 minutes dance moves. LOL! Hopefully, I will not quit. I also include eating fruits and vegetables though sometimes it makes me feel hungry. I don’t know why! But, I’ll try to stick to this routine forever. I really want to lose 16 pounds more. Then, I can wear all my sexy dress, blouse and pants again. I even watched Biggest Loser so I will be motivated to stick on my weight loss journey. This will help me continue on my goals to succeed this hard journey. Hehehe! So wish me luck again guys. I will keep on posting any improvements every week on my blog. - LensAlert! In The News


Contact lenses became widely prescribed and accepted alternatives to the conventional eyeglasses. Many people prefer the way they look wearing contact lenses than when they have their eyeglasses on. For my own point of view, wearing contact lenses is sexy. LOL! I admit that I envied those women wearing contact lenses. They look so pretty. In fact, there were even times when I ask my husband about buying contact lenses. But, he asked me about my reason of wearing it. I told him that I wanted to look different. I want to see how I look when I have brown or hazel eyes. Well, he just laughed at me. LOL! Anyway, I stumble upon a great site that sells various brands of contact lenses such as Acuvue, Focus, Proclear, Freshlook and much more. They were also selling LensAlert, which is perfect for kids young and old. LensAlert counts down the number of days left to change your contact lenses and also your contact lens case. It protects your eyes and spends less on replacement lenses because you forget how often you have worn your contacts. This is perfect for me since I’m forgetful person. LOL! The February edition of Woman’s Day magazine even featured the LensAlert in their “Product We Love” section and they recommend it at You can find this article by clicking AC Lens blog. If you’re interested, kindly visit the site for more information.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Grapefruit- Good for weight loss!

I was reading an article online that states Grapefruit is great fruit for weight loss. I’ve heard this before but I just ignored it. Besides, I don’t like this kind of fruit. Though, I like the sour taste of it but it is still bitter for me. LOL! Anyway, I found out that grapefruit also took a bite out of insulin resistance in folks with metabolic syndrome. The whole grapefruit has appetite-controlling fiber as well. According to the Wikipedia, this fruit is an excellent source of many nutrients and photochemical, able to contribute to a healthy diet. Grapefruit is a good source of vitamin C, pectin fiber, and the pink and red hues contain the beneficial antioxidant lycopene. Studies have shown grapefruit helps lower cholesterol and there is evidence that the seeds have high levels of antioxidant properties. The fruit’s low glycemic index is able to help the body’s metabolism burn fat. Sound interesting to me. I better include this bitter fruit in my diet. Huh! Well, let’s see if it works for me. I’ll try grapefruit diet! :)

SOGO Active!

I have notice that children nowadays are becoming more sedentary compared to children of past generations. Perhaps, we could blame it with the modern technology such as computer games, cables and Internet. But, at least some parents are introducing their children to organized sports at relatively earlier ages. They are very concerned about their children’s health. Physical activity in children is an integral part of achieving fitness and can decrease the risk of developing future health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Speaking of sport participation, I stumble upon a site that allows youth groups to get active. Sogo Active wants Canadian youth from coast to coast to spark inspiration in each other to become active and have fun. SOGO Active is unlike any other youth fitness initiative because it gives young Canadians the tools to design, change and control their own individual get active plan. SOGO allows you to make connections, teams and plans with your friends. You can also use SOGO Active to track progress and share information, challenges and successes. The most amazing part of this site is that it encourages people to create their own path of ‘positivity’ in everyday life by believing that anything is possible. If you need facilities, equipment or resources, Sogo hosts are ready to help you. For more information, kindly visit their official website.


Friday, January 9, 2009

I was invited!

My friend Ritchelle invited me for a birthday party. I’m pretty excited since I love attending Filipino parties. It’s fun! I’m sure Filipinos agree with me. This is not only about foods but also the celebration. You can expect dancing and singing afterwards. LOL! Gosh! I already missed my life in the Philippines. I’m really happy if my friends invite me for a night out or window-shopping. I feel I was out of the hole. It’s really boring inside the house. I’m sure some of you can relate with me. I want to work but I can’t since I don’t have drivers license yet. But, I will take written exam again so I could take road test. Hopefully, I could pass the road test and get my drivers license. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that. Anyways, I missed all the Filipino foods especially roasted pig. But, I don’t think I can eat it here. It’s expensive. And, I’m on a diet right now. Hehehe! Just kidding! I enjoy meeting other Filipinos, too. It makes me feel at home. I can’t wait to meet them. And, I can’t wait to celebrate the party with my kababayans. Chel, thanks for inviting me. I really appreciate it. See you tomorrow!

Yellow Leaf Financial- Help for hard times

In today’s economic downfall, paying off your bills can be tough. Sometimes, It scares me. I’m worried that we cannot pay all our bills on time. It’s going to be worse if you can’t pay your mortgage, too. You’ll end up having house foreclosure. You don’t want it to happen. You’ll do whatever it takes to pay your mortgage on time. Last year, we experience lending money from the bank just to pay our mortgage. It was the time where I need to file for Greencard. It was a big headache for both of us. Luckily, we overcome all the hurdles and trials. But frankly, I’m still scared since I don’t have work yet. But, I’m still positive that everything will be fine soon. However, we can’t predict the future. If we need cash then we probably apply for cash advance. Yellow Leaf Financial offers payday loans and cash advance services. Their lending partners are there to help get you the cash you need to pay bills in those times when you need cash fast. Guys, you don’t have to worry anymore if you badly needed cash. You can quickly and easily apply for cash advance from the comfort of your own home. Imagine that! It’s quick and safe. All you need to do is visit the site and fill up the application form then you’re good to go. Good luck!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Health Benefits Of Cherries

Just lately, I’ve decided to include fruits and vegetables in my diet. Since, I really want to lose weight, I should eat fruits and vegetables at least every day. I don’t know if I can still afford it every week but I’ll try. In fact, two days ago, we went to the fruit market to purchase some veggies and fruits. I bought some cherries, apples, grapes, papaya and oranges. And, I think I already love cherries. I never thought that it taste yummy. This is my first time to purchase cherries so I’m really amazed when I tasted it. Though, it has seed on it. I want to chew everything but I can’t. Funny me! Anyways, according to the Wikipedia, Cherries contain anthocyanins, the red pigment in berries. Cherry anthocyanins have been shown to reduce pain and inflammation in rats. Anthcyanins are also portent antioxidant under active research for a variety of potential health benefits. And guess what, it will help lower cholesterol and prevent from gaining so much weight. This is according to the study funded by the Cherry Marketing Institute presented at the Experimental Biology 2008 meeting in San Diego. So I guess I should continue buying cherries every week. Huh! It’s not only good for my health but it will help me lose weight, too.

Project Orange Thumb Grants


I recall in my college years, we had this project where the goal is to clean up the forest and plant seeds. It was really fun. Even though the day is not good for us since it was summer season but everything is worth it. I feel that I accomplished a big project in my life. I really enjoy participating gardening projects or neighborhood beautification because it will help the entire environment. The most amazing part is when the time you see the fruit of your labor. The time where you see the flowers you planted blooms very pretty. Wow, that’s a nice feeling. Frankly, I want to see what happens to the seeds we planted but I’m too far away right now. But one thing is for sure it will sprout like a healthy child. Anyway, I’ve heard a lot of organizations that supported gardening programs like the site I visited today. Project Orange Thumb grant is a great resource to provide the tools and funding needed to either begin a garden or enhance an already existing one. The grant recipient will receive up to $1,500 in Fiskars garden tools and up to $1000 in gardening-related materials. Isn’t it great? It’s a big help already. All you need to do is visit the site and start your application. Applications must be submitted electronically on or before February 17th, 2009. Guys, what are you waiting for? Encourage your group to start an application. Who knows, you’ll be fortunate to receive grants.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Exercise Journal- Week 1

Two days ago, I started to do my exercise routine. I’ll try Billy Blank’s Tae Bo again. I used to do this when I was still in the Philippines. But, I stopped it a couple months ago. That’s why I’ve gained so much weight until I realize I need to stop procrastinating. Or else, I ended up being fat forever. This is already a wake up call for me since I can no longer fit my jeans. What a shame! Plus, I saw biggest loser last night. I saw how hard to be obese. It’s a risk. You’ll be prone for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and much more. I was at risk already since my mom and grandfather suffers diabetes. Anyways, it’s really hard to exercise but I need to do this for my own sake and health. I’m already determined now. And, I wanted to lose at least 20 pounds so I could wear sexy dresses this summer. Or if I can’t lose 20 perhaps I’ll lose 15 pounds then I’m already happy with it. What’s important I eat healthy foods and exercise. That’s what matters most for me. I’ll be posting my weekly journal of this weight loss journey so you’ll know, too. Wish me luck guys!

Perpetual Diamonds- Genuine Rolex Watches

My husband loves collecting watches. He has different brands of watches. One of the expensive watches he owned was the Rolex watch. It’s a Rolex Submariner two-tone 18k gold watch. He takes good care of it very well. As what he told me, it takes him many years before he can afford to purchase another Rolex watch. LOL! Yeah, I know how crazy it will be to purchase genuine Rolex watch. It’s quite expensive. He had planned of buying Mens Rolex Datejust Silver Stainless Steel Jubilee. But, money is tight these past few months so I guess he should wait until he can afford to get one. However, I’ll try to convince him to visit site. He probably likes this site since they were selling affordable Rolex watches. Anyway, Perpetual Diamonds sells like new and pre-owned Rolex watches with brand new genuine Rolex boxes and GIA member appraisal papers. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, then you may return the watch back within 7 days for a full refund, or within 30 days for an exchange for another authentic Rolex watch. It’s pretty cool. Right! So you can really guarantee that their Rolex watches are 100% authentic. Guys, what are you waiting for? This is your chance to own a genuine Rolex watch for an affordable price.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Olive Oil- Curb Hunger

Did you know that olive oil could curb hunger? Yeah, you heard it right. Olive oil is rich in a special appetite- controlling kind of fat. A fat that may help lose weight. Gosh! It’s pretty amazing. No wonder some people drink VCO oil. I’ve tried it one time but it’s yucky. LOL! According to the Wikipedia, olive oil has a higher proportion of monosaturated fats in the diet is linked with a reduction in the risk of coronary heart disease. Evidence suggests that eating about two tablespoon (23grams) of olive oil daily may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease due to the monounsaturated fat in olive oil. Olive oil also contains oleic acid that triggers the production of oleoylethanolamide (OEA), another fatty substance. OAE then finds its way to nerve endings that carry a hungry curbing message to the brain. So I guess we should include this in our daily diets. Huh! Well, I’ll see if I can bravely eat 23 grams of olive oil. Hehehe!

Ovation Credit Services- Fix Your Bad Credit

Having a bad credit affects your credit score, which is crucial in dealing future loans. The report is a critical factor in credit scoring systems that lenders use to issue credit cards as well as mortgages or other loans. However, there are ways to correct or fix credit report. You can take steps to rebuild damage credit and clean up the record. So if you’re among the American who suffer credit profile corrupted by improper use of credit information or probably want a credit repair, then you should visit Ovation Credit Service website. They offers premiere attorney managed credit report repair programs. They’re there to help you achieve optimal credit profile. They work with the credit bureaus and creditors to resolve issues on credit reports. All you need to do to correct your bad credit is by visiting their site right now. You'll find the help you needed.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My 5 New Year's Resolution

I received this tag from a good friend Grace. Thanks for sharing this tag to me. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Though, I’ve already posted my New Year’s resolution in my previous post. But, I’ll post it again for everyone to know. LOL! Just kidding! Anyway, I have a lot of things I want to change for this year. Hopefully, I would succeed in my goals. You know it’s hard to follow strict diets and exercise. It’s like you’re about to quit smoking and drinking. Gosh! How I wish I could make it. But, I’ll try anyway. There’s no harm of trying. It’s better than not trying at all. Right! So here it goes my 2009 New Year’s resolution.

Here’s my Top 5:

1. Lose weight- I’ve gained so much weight and I promise the next year I’ll start eating healthy foods and exercise. My goal is to get the ideal weight I wanted. So I can wear my swimsuit for the next summer. Wish me luck!
2. Think positive- I’m pessimistic sometimes and I wanted to erase that behavior this New Year.
3. Stop Procrastinating- this is the bad habit I have when I got here. I promise I’ll do whatever things should be done in time. This is the reason why my driver’s permit expires. LOL!
4. Get a job- I need to pass the road test so I could find a job soon. I know I can make it with God’s guidance.
5. Save money- I promise I would not buy any jewelries anymore or nonsense things. Instead, I’ll save money for our future and help pay some bills.

Now, it’s time for you my other friends to think about of yours and do them seriously. It is so nice to share our thoughts and ideas to our fellow bloggers, especially those ones who put up or given some special place in ones lives. Let me pass this tag to jacky, sunshine, Beth, Bingkee, and merlyn.

You must be a true lover of the New Year to receive this award. The person to whom you give the award must also be in love with the New Year. Post at least five New Year’s Resolutions. If you can’t limit it to five, then continue until you go out of space. Pass the award along to as many bloggers as you like. Let your recipients know that you have tagged them by leaving a comment on their site. Also, link back the person who gave you the award.

One of the things I do when I miss my family back home is have telephone conversation. But as we all know, calling by phone is quite expensive especially long-distance. I used to call my family twice a week but I cut it to once a week. We can save money if we only call once a week. Most of the time, we just chat online and show our faces in the webcams. It’s more convenient for us. I love chatting with them while watching their faces. LOL! But I’ll tell you frankly; I still want to hear their voices, too. Luckily, I stumble upon a website that might help us save some money for phone calls. is a new ad-supported Web service that lets you make phone calls to any number in the United States from any computer with a Web browser and a broadband connection. It requires you to view a short ad before you place a call. The audio is played through the browser, and the site uses your computer’s microphone to transmit what you say. The registration is for free. It gives you unlimited calls of up to 15 minutes. Isn’t it great? I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Not only that but unregistered users can make calls of up to two minutes. The most amazing part is that the service works domestically and all over the world. Guys, what are you waiting for? Try a call now.