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Monday, August 24, 2009

So Much Fun Together!

Yesterday, we went to church to attend a mass. The mass finished at exactly one o’clock in the afternoon. So we decided to go to the mall and eat at the Chinese buffet. We were both hungry since we never ate breakfast and lunch yet. Luckily, they had a whole basin of crabs waiting for me. LOL! Actually, I can eat the whole thing if I want to. Just kidding! My husband makes fun of me while cracking those crabs. Gees! It’s really hard to open those crabs but it’s all worth it. At least, we don’t have to go to expensive restaurant just for crabs or lobster. We’re trying to save money as much as we could especially in these times of economic crisis. It’s really important to cook at the house more often. I admit it’s not easy for me since I really don’t have the passion for cooking. But, I realized the importance of saving money in our household. As what they say, every penny counts. However, we still have time to dine out once in awhile. We can’t stop the urge to crave for yummy foods. Perhaps, that’s reason why we never lose any weight. I guess food is already our weakness. To sum up it all, I was really enjoying the whole day yesterday bonding with my husband. I hope we will have a lot of time enjoying each other’s company. I mean forever happiness and love. Charing! Hehehe!

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