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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Excitement Struck Me!

I can’t wait to go to Kay jewelers tomorrow. Yesterday, we received a coupon from a certain Kay jeweler’s branch near us that offers 25% off the regular price of their jewelry items. Hopefully, the Levian necklace that I am eyeing for a long time is still available in that store. Or else, I will be disappointed without the necklace in my hand. LOL! I guess it’s hubby’s anniversary gift for me. I will be shopping a coffee maker as a gift for my hubby as well. I already asked what he likes for our anniversary next week but he doesn’t want any gifts from me-just love and care. Well, I promise him before that I’ll give him something when I’ll have work. So now, I’ll make it come true. Promises should not be broken. Anyway, I’m pretty excited right now. I’m sure I can’t sleep well tonight for all the excitement. Hehehe! Forgive me if I’m so funny sometimes. I feel like I’m a child again.


jo said...

hi joy! i do hope that the necklace is still there so you can get it already at a discounted price. and advance happy anniversary too.

joy said...

hi joy! saya naman to be getting the piece of jewelry that you're wishing for at a discounted price pa. i do hope that you'll have a wonderful anniversary celebration.

ruby said...

oh wow! congrats .. i cant wait to see the pics