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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Anticipated Letter!

Yesterday, my hubby received a letter from his son. Actually, he was not home when I got the letter. I apologize to hubby via phone because I opened it without his permission. Luckily, he doesn’t mind it. I’m really guilty about it until now. I should have not open hubby’s personal letter. Gees! I’m a bad wife. But, I already promise not to do it again. I was crying as I was reading the whole letter. It’s been two years that they never saw or communicate to each other. My husband called them by phone many times but nobody answers. Of course, my husband quits. He still has some pride. I understand it! At least, hubby pays child support every month. I just can’t figure out why his ex never answers the phone. It started when I talked to his son two years ago. Perhaps, it was only misunderstanding. I really don’t know! Hopefully, hubby’s son will accept me as his mom. If I could only talk to him, I would tell him how his dad loves him so much. I’m pretty sure of that! It’s hubby’s own blood. Well, I’m just happy that hubby’s son broke the silence. That’s one of my prayers. Thanks God it was granted.


Nedekcir said...

No one can accept someone to be their mom, especially if they already have their mom. Younger children will more likely do so when their mother has pass on, but not not when they are alive. Accepting you as a step mom is more like it. Just my opinion.

joy said...

I'm happy that your step son communicated with his father already, i hope that it's a sign that they will be able to communicate regularly .


hi, I would like to say a piece of my mind and share what I learned from being a step mom. I agree is nedekcir that no one can accept someone to be there mom since they still have one. I treat my stepdaughter as my own and I have never asked my husband or hinted to him that I would want his daughter to call me mommy. My love and affection for his little girl spoke for itself. Now, she calls me mama but she has a special name for me which is "menie" she couldnt pronounce my name when I first met her. I have come to think that menie means mama to her.

Give it some time and just let the love flow and everything will follow. Good luck on your journey to bridging a gap and reconnecting with your stepchildren...its hard but patience is the key