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Monday, July 20, 2009

Have You Entered Yet?

My husband is an energy drink lover. He always brings energy drink wherever he goes. Whether it is at work or during his workout session- energy drinks is already part of his life. You can find any kinds of brands in our basement. LOL! He told me once that it helps his immune system. It makes him vigorous and feel energize. He can go at work without eating but he never forgets to bring energy drinks in his lunch pack. That’s how crazy he is in terms of sweet energy drinks. (Whatever you call it) I’m afraid he’ll get diabetes because of these sweet drinks. At least, I found this BluFrog commercial online. I think it’s healthier than other ordinary energy drink. It has lower calories and carbs, nothing artificial and it’s loaded with vitamins in every can. What’s amazing about BlueFrog energy drink is that it doesn’t have the harsh sting and sugar crash that other energy drinks have. So this energy drink is really perfect to those who want to lose weight. You will not feel bloated since it contains fewer calories. And, guess what? They also have this BluFrog contest going on right now. Why not enter the contest? Who knows you’ll be the lucky winner. Good luck to all!


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