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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Dog Next Door!

I’m really worried right now. I can’t forgive myself if something happen to the dog next door. A couple hours ago, three kids knock on our door. They wanted to get inside our backyard to look for their dog. But, when I got out, I found out that the dog they are talking about is our neighbor’s dog. So I told them that the owner of the dog is our neighbor next door. They were speechless. No wonder the dog hides in our backyard. So I let the dog enter our house so they won’t catch her. Then, when I didn’t see them anymore- I let the dog go out. Few minutes later, I never saw the dog anymore. I’m afraid to go out to find her since I’m alone in our house. My husband will come home late tonight. Gosh! I’ve already loved this dog. I’m just pissed because the owner never cares of their dog. They let her out all day even if it’s raining. The dog likes to go in our house because I always gave her food. She looks pity. Sigh! I hope she’s only hiding somewhere. I feel guilty that I never let her stay for few hours inside our house.

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