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Monday, May 11, 2009

Newly Found Friends!

I’m not a mother yet but I had a blast for this special day with my newly found Filipino friends. They are in their 40’s right now. But, they are truly amazing people. I met them inside the buffet restaurant a couple weeks ago. My husband asked one of them if she was a Filipina. Then, he told her that I’m a Filipina too. Two of them approached me in our table and give each other’s telephone numbers. They told me to come with them in the church every Sunday. So yesterday, I celebrate mother’s day with them and many Filipinos in the church. They are not catholic but it doesn’t matter anymore. As long I worship one God and enjoy the fellowship with co-Filipino friends then every thing will be fine. We can’t be save by religion anyway. It’s only us who can save ourselves by doing good to others and to God. After the mass, we went downstairs to celebrate the special event. Of course, it’s not complete without Filipino foods in the big table. Yummy! It was great. I really enjoyed it. I’m so happy I met them. I would surely go back next Sunday.

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Jacky said...

sis san ba yung church na yan,,,,,
buti ka pa.. kami nung sunday evening service na yung naatend namin,,,