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Friday, March 6, 2009

A Simple Meme

A very nice friend of mine tagged me this simple meme. I really appreciate for passing this tag to me. I hope that I could answer it all. LOL! Let's just see! I'm sure I'll have so much fun with this tag. Anyway, Thanks again my friend Beth.

A Simple Meme

The Rules:

Copy the questions below. Simply use the first letter of your name/nickname as your answer for each questions. You can't use any answer twice and don't use your own name for questions and answers 4. After you're done, tag 10 people.

1. What is your name? Jocelyn
2. A four letter word: Jobs
3. A boy's name : James
4. A girl's name : Janice
5. An occupation : Janitor
6. A color : Jade
7. Something you wear : Jacket
8. A type of food : Jam
9. Something found in the bathroom : Jasmine Perfume
10. A place : Japan
11. A reason for being late : Jamming with Friends in the bar.
12. Something you shout : Joy in the air......
13. A movie title : Jack and Jill
14. Something you drink : Juice
15. A musical group : Jessy J Tequila Moon
16. A street name : J Suite San Juan Street
17. A type of car : Jaguar
18. A song title : Joy to the world
19. A verb : Jump

Now after trying to think my answers that all starts with letter "J" , it's your turn to think :) I am passing this to my wonderful friends in the blogging world.

Dashing Smiles, Diary Pink, melanie, jacky, Marly, meiyah, yub-filipina, Ask Ms Recipe, Marilyn and Bingkee.

1 comment:

carlota said...

thanks for tagging me miss. ako lang nya ni i post sa isang blog nako. take care.