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Friday, March 13, 2009

Incredible Sea Creatures- Dolphins

One of my favorite animals on this planet is a dolphin. They are considered to be amongst the most intelligent of animals. Dolphins have a friendly appearance and playful attitude, which have made them popular in human culture. They are such a beautiful creation made by God. They are capable of making broad range of sounds, which I really love to hear. I still recall when we watched the Dolphin presentation at Subic Bay. Wow! It was amazing. I love it. Anyway, would you like to watch a video of these fantastic sea creatures making Dolphin Bubbles? You probably enjoy watching this video, too. Gosh! I can’t imagine how they come up with this amazing phenomenon. They can create and play with underwater bubble rings. Isn’t it great? They are really intelligent. Huh! A very fascinating behavior you can rarely see from other animals. How I wish I own one of them. LOL! Or, I wish we could watch these incredible dolphins in real life. Sigh! Hopefully, our plan vacation at Orlando Florida will really happen so we could visit the Sea World. That would be the greatest vacation I’ve ever had in my entire life if it happens. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Guys, how about you? Watch the video above and let’s see what you think.


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