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Tuesday, January 13, 2009 - LensAlert! In The News


Contact lenses became widely prescribed and accepted alternatives to the conventional eyeglasses. Many people prefer the way they look wearing contact lenses than when they have their eyeglasses on. For my own point of view, wearing contact lenses is sexy. LOL! I admit that I envied those women wearing contact lenses. They look so pretty. In fact, there were even times when I ask my husband about buying contact lenses. But, he asked me about my reason of wearing it. I told him that I wanted to look different. I want to see how I look when I have brown or hazel eyes. Well, he just laughed at me. LOL! Anyway, I stumble upon a great site that sells various brands of contact lenses such as Acuvue, Focus, Proclear, Freshlook and much more. They were also selling LensAlert, which is perfect for kids young and old. LensAlert counts down the number of days left to change your contact lenses and also your contact lens case. It protects your eyes and spends less on replacement lenses because you forget how often you have worn your contacts. This is perfect for me since I’m forgetful person. LOL! The February edition of Woman’s Day magazine even featured the LensAlert in their “Product We Love” section and they recommend it at You can find this article by clicking AC Lens blog. If you’re interested, kindly visit the site for more information.


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