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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2nd Week Journal

Today, I was happy because I lose 2 pounds for one week. If you remember I posted that I’m going to start an exercise routine everyday and eat less fatty foods. My first week is really difficult since I’m not used to exercise anymore. I get easily tired but I feel good after I finished the 45 minutes tae boo or 50 minutes dance moves. LOL! Hopefully, I will not quit. I also include eating fruits and vegetables though sometimes it makes me feel hungry. I don’t know why! But, I’ll try to stick to this routine forever. I really want to lose 16 pounds more. Then, I can wear all my sexy dress, blouse and pants again. I even watched Biggest Loser so I will be motivated to stick on my weight loss journey. This will help me continue on my goals to succeed this hard journey. Hehehe! So wish me luck again guys. I will keep on posting any improvements every week on my blog.

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