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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mr. Bluelight!

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Time really flies. You just can’t notice that Christmas is almost there. I’m sure most of us are pretty excited of this wonderful event in our lives. We just can’t explain the happiness that we feel every time we share gifts. It’s very overwhelming. Well, that’s what we call the spirit of Christmas. We all know that it’s really a tough year for us to shop for gifts especially in this time of economic crisis. But, there are still options we can do to purchase some gifts this holiday season. Why not try Kmart Layaway programs. The Kmart famed “Mr. Bluelight” has just announced that Kmart will continue offering layaway during the holiday season. Isn’t it cool? It’s very exciting. Huh! Mr. Bluelight character reminds me of my husband. Last Christmas, I thought I couldn’t receive any gifts since he was laid off from work. But, I was shocked when he surprised me with a pretty diamond necklace. I would say that last Christmas was one of my happiest moments in my life. *Wink* I might as well surprise my hubby with something special this Christmas. A Sony Bravia 720p LCD HDTV would be a perfect gift for him. He probably loves this gift. So if I were you, take advantage of this rare opportunity from Kmart. And, start shopping now.


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