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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Night Out!

One of my friends called me in the phone today. She told me that we’re going to have a girl’s night out this Saturday. Frankly, I am pretty excited since I’m getting bored inside our house. I need time for enjoyment with friends. That will help keep me alive. Just kidding! Yeah, there are times in our lives that we feel very lonely especially if my husband wasn’t around. I’m sure some of you can relate with me. It’s really boring if you don’t have work. I have Filipino friends but they are too far for me to visit them. That’s what I like in the Philippines; you can visit your friends and relatives by taking a jeepney. But, it’s very opposite here. The transportation is very difficult. Gosh! It makes me crazy. Well, I’m glad my friend offered me for a drive going to bar and even going home. Gosh! I owe her a lot already. LOL! Anyway, I can’t wait any longer. I want to get out and have some fun this weekend. Yeheyyyyyyy! Let’s have some boogie.

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