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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Viddiction Videos

In this high tech world of gadgets- everything is possible. We can take pictures using a digital camera. We can now create videos of the wonderful and memorable things we experience with the use of our video cam. Sometimes, we show it to our friends and even to the world through a social network video. Or, even post our videos and pictures in our own websites. Did you know that you can earn extra cash for videos you promote. If you hear site- you will really see the difference from other hosting video site. Viddiction is new and user- oriented. If you want something a little twist making your videos get that wide attention to the public. Then, this site is the right one for you. offers a true and unrelenting incentive to become a member, add content and viralize your work through target notifications sent out through their very own messaging center. Each message you send will contain a link to your newly uploaded video. A click on this email equals a view of your video. If the video is entered into a competition, that view is a Popularity Point. Get the most Popularity Points over the course of a month and you win! It’s that simple. As, i browse their site- i found a video that captures my attention. Its all about searching for family roots. When i was still young- i always ask my mom where our family comes from. I was puzzled why our family never had any family gatherings. That's really taunting me until now. I really want to know our family history. That's why this video is one of my favorite. It's somewhat related to my predicaments. Another thing that amazed me with this site is that they got regular monthly competition. First, you will upload your video, promote it and earn a popularity point with each view. Every end of the month, they will total up your popularity points. Then, you win prizes from $50 to $500. isn't it amazing! So guys, if you want more popularity and at the same time earn extra cash. Then, visit now. You might win. See you!

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