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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Great day

Yesterday, i was really happy. Why? Because, i received my first pay check from blogging. I requested the Paypal company to just send me a check. And, In just a week- i received it. Wow!Its really a wonderful feeling especially if your post were immediately approved. Gosh! Makes me elated. I even wanted for more. Even though, the amount of the money is not that big but it helps to those who were stay at home individuals. Who never work and wanted to earn extra money in the comfort of their homes. I'm very thankful of my friend who teach and lead me through this whole thing. I know, its kind of hard the first time i joined this blogging. But, with the help of my friend- everything becomes easy. I even got a free sample of Rinuzit Tri Scent send to me yesterday. And, it was amazing. Its great especially you're not paying for it and its very usable at home. If you guys were blogging for a long time. Then, you know what i mean. I just want to share how happy i am today. I cant believed i can earn extra cash through blogging. it does not only makes me express my feelings and thought towards new things. It makes me earn money as well at the comfort of my home. Thank you Lord! lol...

My first pay check through blogging.

The Renuzit Tri Scents sent to me for free.

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