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Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day

The fourth of July is the day that commemorate the formal adoption by the Continental congress of the declaration of Independence day. The day was observe nationwide by parades, firework display, patriotic oratory and military display. So that means more celebration like family reunions, games , picnics and informal family recreation or any events that would characterized human freedom. How about you guys? How do u spend Independence day here in U.S? I want to know how you show the patriotic spirit of this event to others. I mean this is my first time to celebrate fourth of July here in America. I'm just wondering if residents of the United States value the importance of this day. How it differs to other holiday? Guys, please drop me a comment of your insights. I will highly appreciate any feedback. Anyway, i don't know what we gonna be doing today. I'll just wait for my hubby to get back home. Maybe, we could celebrate this day by having a dinner at the restaurant. Or, watching again a fireworks display. I might enjoy it more. lol! So, happy Independence day to all. Enjoy the day!

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