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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lasik Technology

I still recall past six months when i was shocked seeing both of my brother in law not wearing eye glasses anymore. They look like they were not the one anymore. I was amaze by the transformation. To my curiousness- i asked my hubby why they never used their eye glasses. He told me they undergone lasik surgery. Frankly, i don't have no idea what's lasik surgery was all about until i get here. I never know that its the world's popular elective vision procedure that helps patients the possibility to get 20/20 vision or better. I'm really unaware of that while i was still in the Philippines. Though, I'm sure it already existed there. But, i never get a chance to see it in reality. As a matter of fact, that experience helps me understand whats really behind that procedure. And, its great to be more aware and knowledgeable with all this procedures especially that my hubby planned to have a lasik surgery too. He was having a hard time reading letters when its near. He always keep bogging me to read it for him. That's why, we need to prepare and save money for this kind of surgery. He really needs it badly! At least, i was able to read all LASIK information that gives me the ideas of whats the right thing to do. I found out that 20%-25% of people are ineligible. So, we should research a little bit to find a good physicians who will do the exam that includes 3-D mapping, customized wave-front measurements of your eye and an examination of your corneas. Whats amazing for lasik procedure is that you can guarantee great results with less pain and its fast too. Though, there might be some complication but its only less than 1% that can be manage by enhancement or therapy. Sounds great! Right! This modern LASIK delivers superior safety and better visual results than ever before. So, if your suffering from having a hard vision. Then, i recommend you to visit the site now. To get more ideas and be more informed. See for yourself if you're eligible too! That way, you'll resolve the vision problem earlier and live for a better.

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