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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Still Awake

Notice that I'm still awake at this moment? Well, I'm waiting for my hubby to be home. Unfortunately, he told me that he'll not be home until four in the morning. Gosh! I cant sleep without him. I'm too scared to be alone here. I wish the party will be finished soon. I cant wait anymore that longer. I'm pretty much sleepy right now. I wish i had the guts to sleep by myself. Thankfully, i was able to grab one opportunity. It really helps me to keep awake. And, my eyes hurts now looking at the computer for over eight hours. I feel a little dizzy and i might faint. I'll try having a sip of coffee. It might help me. I'll also try browsing for opportunity. Hopefully, i could get one. So, i can prolonged my stay in front of the computer.

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