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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Before they were famous


I still remember when i was still in elementary. I was one of the avid fan of the singer "Madonna". The way she sings that song entitled "like a virgin" was really making me crazy. She does some dance and flirts with that video. Gosh! I really love it. I even tried wearing something sexy just to look like her. And, wearing a yellow dress in my hair just to look blonde women. That was really funny. My mom taught- I'll be a singer when i get older. Even until now, I've been wishing that someday i would see her in person. Or, plan saving money for her concert. That would make me very happy. Though, i have a collections of cassettes of her albums. But, i don't think it would still work especially its been many years we used it constantly. At least, i found a website that sells Rare Vinyl Records and Memorabilia. 9.11 is the world leader in rare and deleted records, Cd's and music memorabilia. This is the place where you could find the "one you haven't got", the missing piece of your collection. I even find what I'm looking for. I'm glad, they were selling Madonna's collections like Cd's, cassettes and t-shirts. I even find Madonna's Like a virgin award disc. Its authentic and with Official US quadruple Platinum RIAA-Certified Record Award. Imagine, this album was prominently displayed at Los Angeles headquarters for over two decades. Cool ! huh! This award measures 17” x 21” expertly framed and glazed. This fantastic award features a mounted Platinum Like a Virgin LP and cassette shell beneath Four album miniature replicas denoting each Platinum threshold exceeded, along with its genuine, custom-engraved ‘80s style RIAA-certified dedication plaque. Wow! I cant believed it. Isn't that amazing? I better start saving money for this memorabilia. Maybe, ill purchase first her skinny fit t-shirt. Since, i was longing to have one of this t-shirts. Gosh! I cant wait to have one. So, if you're one of the collectors and lover's of records and memorabilia. Then, don't worry anymore. This site will help you a lot. You might find here the one you been longing to have in your collection. Visit now!

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