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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Weird Day

I was really disappointed today. I would say- today was one of my unlucky day. Like this morning, i was waiting for some opportunity at triple P. Until, i decided to sleep because my eyes hurts without much sleep the other night. And, i ask my friend to buzz me if it starts giving opps. But after, i woke up. Boom! The opps were gone. It was like 1 hour of sleep. Then, the laptop hangs. Another thing, the Internet connection was so slow. Its my chance to get more opps this evening. But, whats happening to my computer. Its very hard for me to catch opps if it download like a turtle. Its so slow! Gosh! At least, i was able to get 2 opps but with patience. Or else, i might quit waiting and turn off my computer. I'm a little regretful since its rare for triple P to give much opps. I'm sure, it would take many days before they'll give a lot of opps again. Well, that's life. Sometimes you're lucky and sometimes not. Better luck next time.
Its just a little weird today. Somebody was testing my patience. At least, nothing bad happens to me and my family. I'm still thankful.

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