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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

10 Things About Me

Every person has a unique characteristics and behaviors. It might differs physically, mentally and spiritually. There are various things, you could ever describe for each person that we cant hardly notice. Some think they are nice to other. But, some think they are not. It really varies. Therefore, i would also share all the things about me. So, my friends would get to know me well.

10 things about me:

1. I'm too emotional- I easily get hurt of simple things.
2. I'm shy at the first meeting- I'm ashamed the first time i know the person.
3. I love collecting jewelries- I have a couple of jewelries but i cant afford to get more right now.
4. I love eating desserts- any kind of sweet desserts from ice cream, chocolates to cakes and cookies. I loved it!
5. I hate cheaters- I don't respect people who cheats.
6. I love going out- I just cant stay at home- it kills me. lol!
7. I do trust a friend easily- Though, its not advisable to trust easily to a friend but that's just me.
8. I cant express my feelings in front of a person- I can express it through writing.
9. I'm not confident enough to show the people who i am. I have no guts for that.
10. I'm soft at heart- I easily get pity to someone who needs my help and support.

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