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Saturday, April 5, 2008

wow i like spring season

Its really a nice day today. The weather was clear and sunny. So i ask my husband to drove me to the park so i could at least jogged for half an hour. He never come with me due to his knee injury. He can't run anymore and hesitant to walk too. So that means i'm jogging alone at the park but enjoyed it. At least i got sweat ... Since i arrived here last year, i gained alot of weight. its freaking me out... Thats why i started to limit my food intake and find time to exercise. After we got home, i was inspired to clean the front & back yard of our house. Its been a long time that i never clean it . Grass and leaves were on stock already. My husband and i help raked the pile of leaves and grass. Put it in the garbage and plant some flowers. We started to see flowers of different colors. It was really nice to see them just grow like that. Its pretty amazing if you haven't seen that until you arrived here in US. I never seen flowers growing in our yard before. hehehe... Thats what i really like in the spring season. Its just a nice weather for me to enjoy going out. I can't wait to wear sleeveless and colorful blouses. I can't wait to explore more of our city yet. I want to see all the wonderful views and sights in this state. Ohh how i love spring...

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