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Sunday, April 6, 2008

My driving lesson.

I asked my hubby to teach me how to drive today. We went to the park and let me drive his truck w/c was really big for me. He was really frightened the way i drive because i never listened to his instructions. He was really nervous everytime i drove over a pavement and holes. Ofcourse, i never experience driving a car in my entire life. I think i got phobia since i have an accident driving a motor bike. It just makes me uneasy in the wheel everytime i remember that event. I almost thrown to the waterway if not with that big stone blocked on it. Holy cow... i almost got killed with that. Im still thankful that big stone saved me. No wonder until now im not comfortable & confident enough to drive my own yet. It makes me nervous & shaky but no choice i have to practice and overcome my fears. Its hard not working and be alone all the time. I have to face my fears so i could get more confident in the wheels. Though, my hubby is not really calm in terms of teaching me how to drive. I still understand him because i know im really stupid sometimes. hehehehe Anyway, i hope one of this days- I can drive already with my own & not panic. So that i could start finding jobs and go shopping my own too....

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