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Friday, April 4, 2008

Life in the U.S.A

I really thought life here in U.S is easy. But, I am wrong... Its really opposite of what i expected. Living a life here is expensive. Especially the unending surges of prices in our everyday necessities like gasoline, foods and homes. Not to mention the growing numbers of unemployed individuals who provides their respective families. Interest rates of credit cards, loans and mortgages were incredibly high. Before you could borrow money or loan from banks, be sure you have good credits to avoid big interest rates. Once you forgot to pay your bills or late paying fees, it affects your credit score. Once you never pay your mortgage for many months, your house will be facing foreclosure. The property you've been paying for a long time will be gone. Sometimes, you'll receive unemployment insurance check if ever you lost your job. But, Is it enough for all the expenditures? ofcourse, the answer is not. Its not easy to find job if you've been laid off. It affects the credibility of your Resume. You will notice a slight difference or changes of your current wage. You can't splurge yourself for fun, if you want. Because money is scarcely enough... sigh... Life is not easy... When will be the time we'll be out of debt... I hope

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