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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thing's are expensive here

Just got from the mall today. I was so happy because my husband offer to purchase something
i like. Ofcourse, i never hesitate to choose the purse that I'm longing for a few days now. Way back home, i used to collect any kind of purses and sandals. When i arrived here, its kinda different. Oh my gosh, all the things were expensive for me compared in the philippines where you can buy nice purses and sandals for cheap price. Maybe because i converted it to peso currency. But thats what a true filipino character unless your really rich though. But anyway, my husband bought what i want and he was teasing me how i easily get pleased. My happiness is only shallow... Especially when he surprised me last Christmas with a jewelry. That was really romantic for me. lol wish he won't change till we get old...


armywife24 said...

nice guess..LOL
mas mahal ba ang guess na bags jan compare dito??

Mariz said...

you can get branded clothing and accessories at a very cheap price, malls are very have to learn to look for that thrift stores, try ValueCity, TJMaxx and MArshalls, sometimes u can get lucky by going there, u just have to dig and look...goodluck!