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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The true meaning of a women

We define women as symbol of femininity, the opposite of masculanity. But, there are various definitions and interpretation regarding a women. They might be a wife or mistress, a feminist or not, a bride or spinster, a highly respected or destitute individual. They all play the same role as individual in human society. In premitive years, women considered to be different in todays modern days. In todays era, we became more strong, open minded, positive driven person able to fight and struggle in her inclination to succeed and able to excel an equal opportunies and achievement as of the opposite sex. We are more enhanced and developed through new technologies and profession that primitive women doesn't have. Though, there are still women whose beliefs and disposition doesn't change. But, through the help of new technology and women groups, they were able to cope up what is today's trends. We still have to continue the qualities of a premitive women in order for us to maintain the true meaning of a women. No matter how progressive and successful we are in our respective endeavor, we should not forget our role as a wife for our husband, a daughter to our parents, a mom to our children, a friend and responsible person to our environment and communities.

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