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Thursday, April 3, 2008


There are times in our life, we feel we're carrying a heavy burden on our shoulders. But, we dont know why and what makes us feel that way. We are confused and dont know how to surpass those pessimistic attitudes & thoughts we had. We regret the moment why such feeling conquer us & make us more vulnerable to wrong judgement. We can no longer function our everyday task because that feeling overpowered us to become weak. Sometime we're overwhelmed by unexpected trials and challenges that we have just encountered in our entire life. We want quick answers to those pains that been bothering in our hearts & minds for quiet some time now. But, we dont know where & how to begin the process. We feared for failures and loss. We tried hard to fix everything back to normal. As if, we are able to defeat the games in our lives. But, we are wrong, theres still missing. Something you cant hardly imagine that you're able to solved. Or something u even dont know... It will eventually ruined you more each day.

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