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Friday, April 18, 2008

Updating Summer Styles

Summer is near approaching- I'm sure everyone of us planned for showing off new styles in our wardrobe. But, do we really know whats the latest fashion trend? whats not to wear this summer? Well, i found an answers to these questions from a fashion website.

Here's the top 20 latest fashion look for summer you should have:

1. VOLUME - Short full dirndl swishing skirts - Belted volume, fluid dhoti pants cropped or long
2. SHOES - Colour & print, wedges, Gladiators, espadrilles, peep toes, cone wooden heels, straps
3. ROMANCE - Tiered ruffles , frills and roses on skirts, dresses, tops, blouses, necklines
4. LE JARDIN - BOTANICAL - DOLLY PRINTS - Retro florals, 40, 50s, 70s flower print blouses
5. ARTIST BRUSHSTROKES - PAINTERLY PRINTS - Graffiti like scribbles and smears, Ombre dip/tie dyed
6. FABULOUS FROCKS - Asymmetric draped dresses, tea dresses, maxi dresses
7. UNDERWEAR EFFECTS - Transparent chiffons - layered sheers, see through construction dresses, jackets
8. CITRUS BLOCK COLOURS - Orange, tangerine, mandarin, peach, yellow, gold, lemon, yellow, citrus green
9. TRIBAL EARTH - AFRICAN Traditional prints - Earthy Asian textures, animal and feather fabrics
10.TOP COLOURS - PURPLE REIGN - Violet to lilac - sugar almonds - soft tints - neon shocks
11. ECLECTIC PATCHWORK - Multi coloured mixed materials in frocks, t-shirts and footwear, jarring to exquisite
12. JUMPSUITS - The all in one jumpsuit go anywhere outfit, cut for evening and day, deluxe or safari style
13. TROUSERS - HIGH WAIST FLARED JEANS - Coloured skinny jeans, cropped narrow jodhpurs, wide trousers
14. MILITARY SAFARI - Practical pockets, easy shirt stand summer dresses, military touches
15. THE NEW DENIM - DENIM BLUE - Frayed and faded with white shirts or whitework Victoriana prairie blouses
16. NAUTICAL TAILORING - Blazers, trims, shoulders, tuxedo shawl collar white narrow/wide pants suits.
17. AMERICANA - Traditional stripes, spots and celestial stars. Navajo and Rockabilly looks
18. DECORATION - TRIMS or BRAIDS - Folkloric embroidery, cutwork, laser cutting, bead embellished fringes
19. LUXURY MATERIALS & FABRICS - Leathers, satins and silks, fine embroidery, fabric flower roses
20. ACCESSORIES - Clutch/small handbags, cuffs, bangles, big sunglasses, scarves, skinny belts.

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