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Thursday, April 17, 2008


I was disappointed today when hubby doesn't permit me to attend my Interview at Northwest Airlines. He keep on telling me not to apply any kind of jobs unless i was able to acquired my drivers license. He was so upset because i didn't study my drivers manual- I was supposed to take the drivers test yesterday. I told him I've studied it but not sure if i could remember it. Since, i reviewed it last week- I'm kinda forgetful and want to be sure its fresh in my mind once i take the exam. One thing I'm afraid of -I was hesitant and lack of confidence on the wheel. I want to make sure I'm ready enough to drive the streets. Thus, i was screwed up for not showing my interview- making me guilty. Its unprofessional behavior not showing up for interview or even not letting them know. I was really anxious for that opportunity though its only for par time job. Whats important for me ill gain more exposures and experiences outside my expertise. As i really want to meet or mingle different kinds of people with different cultures. Maybe, my hubby has valid reason to act that way especially the wage is not that good. He also has a point- Its only a waste of gas if he will drive me off to work in opposite directions going to his work at the same time. So its better for me now to practice driving until ill gain more confidence.

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