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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Some vital health tips

My friend forward me an email today on Vital health care tips. Perhaps, it could benefit us on staying away from various diseases and risks.

Here's some of health care tips:

1. Answer the phone by left ear.
2. Do not drink coffee twice a day.
3. Do not take pills with cool water.
4. Do not have huge meals after 5 pm.
5. Reduce the amount of oily foods you consume.
6. Drink more water in the morning, less at night.
7. Keep distance from hand phone chargers.
8. Do not use headphones/earphone for long period of time.
9. Best sleeping time is from 10 pm at night to 6 am in the morning.
10. Do not lie down immediately after taking medicine before sleeping.
11. When battery is down to the last grid/bar, do not answer the phone as the radiation is 1000 times.

Forward this to whom you care about...


Anah said...

Hi Joy,

Those are great tips or reminders. Have a wonderful evening!

Thanks much,


Xio said...

Hey, could you update the post with the Why's of every tip? Would be nicer. ;>