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Saturday, April 12, 2008

My bestfriend

Do you guys have your own one & only best friend? A friend who is there for you in hard times and in happiness. A person whom you can lean on the times your down and in need for help. A person who will make you laugh no matter how grumpy you are. A person who understand and give you advices to make you feel better. A person who never quits your friendship even in times of disagreement. We all have a lot of friends but I'm sure we only have one chosen best friend. right? I was so glad that every now and then i was able to chat with my best friend. She's my friend ever since childhood & neighbors too. We never stop our friendship even when my family transferred to another place. We remain friends and became more even closer. I consider her my trusted friend and an adviser. She never hesitated to tell what she doesn't like about me- and that what makes me like her most. I still remember the time when we are still a kid, we played outside our house- pretending to be grown women making our houses and cooking leaves as if it was our food. Ohhhh... i still reminisced that moments enjoying every bit of our time not worried about what will gonna happen. That was amazing.... No worries....That's what friendship all about! This friend of mine makes me feel how wonderful to be loved and accepted as who i am. She makes me feel brave and confident enough to face all the trials i encountered. Shes very strong women! She never gives up during her course of test. I learned from her how to become patient and determine person. Shes not only a loving sister, a daughter but also good provider for her family. Shes also a good christian who believes that God is everything. I am always proud of her being so kind and excellent friend. Though, we far away with each other, we still remain the true meaning of our friendship. Love you and miss you my friend....

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Anonymous said...

Hello dear Joy,
Im so glad that you become my friend not simply us a friend but i considered you us my sister...Remember the line of the song "for good times & bad times i'll be on your side forevermore thats what friends are for"Even though were miles away from each other right now,time comes we still be together coz were friends...thank you so much for everything i will always remember all the good and bad times we spent together.Miss you much Dhay!Love Lyn-lyn