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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Its a little weird that i craved for Filipino foods or fruits this past few days. Today, we went to the market where they sell fruits and vegetables. I found mangoes and jack fruits - it reminds me of Philippine delicacies. lol! My hubby was fond of me being so pathetic sometimes. Even seeing Filipinos makes me happy too... Just how shallow my happiness was- i easily get happy for little things. Yesterday, i cooked a sweet shredded coconut(bukhayo) and i was not satisfied for the results. Its not the one i expected to resembled with the Filipino made shredded coconut. But, at least i was able to satisfy my taste buds and cravings. I'm kinda odd... huh... lol! Sometimes, we went to a Filipino store and bought several products there. One of my hubby's favorite is the mango juice- he loves it so much. He was wishing he could procure one of our mangoes in the Philippines that he likes. Mangoes here was pretty much different than ours. He likes yellow and ripe mangoes when he tasted it way back the time he visited me. He also liked our Filipino own Tanduay rum- he always insisted to purchased more. Anyway, i just missed all the things and foods i used to have. I hope you could spare with me... lol!

Jackfruit ( Nangka )

Mexican Mango

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jana said...

nangka lang ako joy di lang ko anang mangka oi kay mas lami gyud tong pinas mangga