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Friday, April 11, 2008

Missing my family

Its been 8 months now that i been away with my family. I already missed them so much especially my nieces and nephew. They make me happy everytime we played toys. They are such a cute angels to me... I reminisced the times that our family spend together at the beach. Its feels great and rewarding especially seeing your family together nibbling the foods laid in the table. Even if we only prepared sweet potato, banana and grilled fish- you could see how satisfied their faces. Until now, im pretty excited remembering those memories. I wished i could get a ticket that easy and fly back home to visit my family. But, its hard especially the airline ticket fair is so expensive. uhmmmmmmmmm. It would be fine if im rich but i am not. lol!
Especially this time of recession, all prices were growing up. But the wages were still the same.
You can't just go home without any pasalubong( presents ) for your family, relatives and friends.
We are really accustomed to give presents for them even just a chocolates. You would make them smile a little bit. lol! Anyway, that all for whining... have a good day to all!

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