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Monday, April 14, 2008

Moms Miracles

I still vividly recall the time my mother was in the process of operating her back for complication of her diabetes. The scratch infected wound makes it more intricate. It extracts pus and the wounds gets bigger and bigger that the doctor advices my father to make her wound get operated. That time i was away from home getting started my orientation for entering government service specifically the Fire Protection. Never knowing whats going on my family. Until my Grandparents decided to let me know for my mom's wounds getting more worser. I have to choose if i have to continue my entering the service, its really a hard decision for me. But my mom resisted I should go on my dreams for Its for my future and i have to stick for that. I told her i want to go home to care for her but unfortunately, I don't have the money to go back home. My parents was already out of money that my aunt who is a well off volunteered to pay all the medical expenses. She decided to make me continue my journey through the Training Process of the service i joined. It was really horrible time for my life that i can’t do nothing except to go on in my journey. I remember the time where I pray to God hard that he will hear all my prayers and heal my mom - to have a successful operation. Never in my day i hadn't hold my little bible for hopes that my mom would make it through the hard process. How i wish i was there to uplift her, to do something that makes her healed. I have no idea that all my families, relatives and friends were praying for the successful operation and recovery of my mom. And to the helping hand of the people who love my mom, miracles happened to my family. We never expect such operation will still have hopes through all of us. The doctor says, If the wound will eat up the bones, it would never possible that my mom would make it. But, to our great relief God really hears our prayers. Though the doctor gets a basin of blood and pus from her back, the operation was still successful. You would’t try to look when you see how deep is the wound in her back. I would rather say If that happens to me I would not live. Thankfully, all bad things that had happened were overcome due to constant prayer and faith to God. I was thankful for the continues support of my aunts and friends who supported my family the time we are down. Thankful for God that he was there in times of my confusion and worries. But luckily, i made it through the service and worked for 4 years as a emergency dispatcher. Whenever, i received an emergency call regarding accidents, I cant resist not to reminisced the past- where my mom was in great battle. I'm glad to say that I'm proud, i was a dispatcher because i did compensate what others had given me. Though, it was only for a short period of time, i devoted myself serving people- I still constantly praying that peace and love will abound in every family and whole nations. With faith and constant prayers nothing is impossible with God- the redeemer, giver and healer. Hopefully, this story will give an example to those who lose hopes. Just believe in our Divine creator and everything will be fine.

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