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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Crap day

I cant think of any topic i would write today. I feel tired for working whole day at my hubby's workplace. His boss asked me to clean and organized things in his office and will pay for my service. Yeah i was glad too at least i was able to earn at least once in awhile when he needed me for help in his office. Its not only an exercise but earning a bucks as well- better than sitting at home for nothing. Its not only helping my hubby but also gain more friends and exposure to career possibilities. I'm already missing my work - answering emergency calls and able to served people who is in need of help for emergency situations. Maybe, this would help start building experiences. I really want to be exposed to busy environment where i could mingle different kinds of people. Just wishing.... God knows... lol! This is the life in U.S.A -work hard for success.
I'll just crossed fingers, we don't know what gonna happen.... I'll just do whatever i can do.

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