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Thursday, April 10, 2008


I was in my husband's workplace today. I was kinda bored here at home and begged my hubby to come with him. At least to get away from boredom. I always been home all by myself every time my hubby works- its killing me... When i was in the Philippines, i really find time to spend with friends & cousins either in mall watching movie or just window shopping. I'm not a home buddy type... I'm a person who enjoys outdoor activities. But when i got here its hard especially if you have no friends you could visit near your house. Though, i already had my working permit- i can't also work. That sucks... Who will employ me if i don't have car? How will i get there to work? And if ever my hubby will drove me to work, the wage is not enough for gas & food. Ohhh i might get crazy.... lol! I really don't know what to do. I can't find a good wage job, i should start in low paying job for me to earn experience. Although, i had experience as fire women in the Philippines and works in emergency hot line as operator. But its still not enough experience to get a good job here. Its been many months, I've been battling of this challenges. Not only makes me pity of myself but triggers depression as well. But somehow, I tried to commit myself being busy everyday-making me forget the stressful boredom that overwhelmed me. I'm still thankful, i have a wonderful husband & family who is always there to lean on the hard times of my life. Thankful, i have friends on web and able to expressed my feelings through blogging.

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