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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I was making a homemade meatloaf today and my hubby loved it. He is really choosy in terms of food. At least, I'm a little contented when he complimented the meatloaf i made. He even doesn't like the way i cooked Filipino foods that's why its really hard for me to figured out what I'm gonna prepared. Way back home, i never know how to cooked. My father was the master chef in our house. We loved the way he cooked- it made us eat more. Its really yummy though, no wonder our family were having large physique. Especially his specialty (spicy adobo), you really wont stopped unless its empty. lol! But, when i got here, i tried hard to know how to cook. That's the way it is, a wife and a cook. Anyway, my husband is not really that demanding but i made sure i play my role as his wife. At least now, i learned how to cook and perhaps would learn more. Its not that hard if you just have Internet- just search for recipes you liked and your go. Though, its not really that perfect taste as master chef in restaurants- its just make me happy to look your hubby smiled. hehhehhe...

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