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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Got dinner with my hubby

Every time my hubby get his paycheck every week, we spend time for a dinner either in buffet or any restaurant we want. Today, we went to a restaurant where they serve roasted peanuts before a course of meal. I was having fun eating those peanuts and feel satiated already. I was wondering why my hubby throwing all the peanut shells in the ground. Yet, i found out shells should be thrown in the ground. It was funny... lol! I could not resist not to laugh at it though. Its weird! The waitress asked us if we are ready to order in a menu. So, my hubby quickly ordered a beef steak with sweet potato because he was hungry for not eating lunch. That's what he got for not having lunch! growling stomach... Anyway, i ordered baby back ribs with two side dishes of apple cinnamon and vegetables. I like the taste of their barbecue, its sweet & savory. I could definitely ranked their foods as excellent. Though, I'm already full for nibbling the peanuts but i still able to consumed the barbecue ribs. lol! Not to mention their excellent customer service, its really amazing. The waitress entertained us very well, no wonder we're giving her a good tip. We certainly coming back again soon to spend our dinner there.

A beef steak with sweet potato & cheese macaroni

Baby back ribs barbecue with apple cinnamon & vegetable

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jana said...

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let me now and leave ur link on my msg board...
thx joy nyt2