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Saturday, March 29, 2008

My life in the Fire Fighting Training Camp

The life of a firefighter is not an easy job. Before you enter the service, you have to be aware for the possible circumstances and the duties your about to partake. You should know that a Firefighter is dedicated to the protection of life and property from fires and emergencies. Even the time your in training you''ll encounter alot of challenges and obligations that should be met. During my training that time, I find alot of individuals who quit because they can no longer able to make it. Its hard especially if your not used to do the routine and task that must be followed. Every time of the day has its own ringing tones. But before the bell rings you should wake up early to wait for a long line before its your turn to take a bath. And when you hear the rings be prepared for the morning exercise or else you'll be in trouble. And if you think its a simple exercise, no way it not... your like a soldier. Don't ever be lousy doing the exercises or else all your mates will get pissed off of you. Every time one of your mates get caught not performing the exercise correctly, everybody will suffer. After the morning exercises was done, we'll fall in line for our food. Hey, don't ever eat while all your mates were not in their sits yet. No matter how hungry you are, wait for them to get finished. a.k.a "One for all, All for one." After done eating, you'll go back to your respective bunks for 5 Min's counts to get dressed "Type A Uniform" for the preparation of your classroom instructions. After classroom instructions, prepare for afternoon exercises. Oh sucks hate to jog in a big circle... I almost want to quit. After jogging you ll be instructed to prepare for dinner. when done eating dinner, you'll going back to the barracks. You should always clean your own bunks or else you'll be given a big task and demerits. Its a everyday routine for the officers to conduct a thorough inspections for each of us & our respective bunks and lockers. Bunks should be tidy and clean, shiny and scrubbed floors, uniforms well organized, things in proper positions and no junk foods hidden inside the locker. You will be given 1 hour to study your lessons for unexpected exams. I still remember the time my mate beside my bunks pulled me when the officers entered the barracks. I was very tired that day and got asleep, never minding the exam for the next day. Life in the training camp is not easy. The first month we are in the camp we are not allowed to go out the camp or even call our love ones. We are taught how to march, be a guard, firefighting skills and ofcourse how to extinguished fires. No matter what gender you are, you will learn how to crawl, how to point the nozzle correctly in real fires, how to rappel, how to operate the firetruck and CPR. The duties of the firefighter is not only saving lives and properties in fires but also any kind of rescue operations that is unexpected. You'll be ready, have the initiative and resilient when inevitable circumstances happened. Training in the camp is the preparation of the real firefighting in reality outside. You will gain more confident, self commited as well as discipline individual. Your commited as public servant and responsible for any kinds of emergencies. The time you go out the training camp, you'll feel completely overwhelm as a person for succeding the impossible routine you've never done before. Your ready enough to face the duties and responsibilities as a firefighter and a public servant. Thats what i missed in this profession... I'm proud for all the firefighters around the world. May God always guide you through all your journey. I salute you all Firefighters...


carlota said...

salute jud ko ani nila.

i'm 45 to an hour to detroit. and i think you are almost an hour from me. i worked in warren off I-696 in dequinder rd. before 10 mile rd.

miga na ta ha. wink* take care. hope i can meet you someday.

Lily said...

I admire them for a lot. not only them everyone who dedicated there life to save and protect us.

Salamat sa duaw ha, dili nako ma open ang link nga imong gi tag, about my relatives in Butuan mga Tiya og Tiyo nako naa gihapon didto sa butuan pero dili na tanan naa sa bangcasi. kami naa na sa Compostela Davao del norte.
Bitaw glad to be your friends online.

Enjoy the week-end.