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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The philippine hut

I bought this one when i was still in the philippines as my presents for my husband and in-laws. I hang it in the wall in our living room. So everytime i stay to watch t.v, it would remind me way back home. They like it for its unique handcraft style, its color and beauty. It really represents filipino culture where "Nipa" Hut were houses basically used of our filipino descendants. "Nipa" Hut composed of bamboo materials and palm leaves for the roof. Banana Trees is one of the livelihood to support their respective families. Another thing is the small boat" bangka" used by fisherman who make a living by fishing. Sad to say, "Nipa" Hut houses were hardly seen now in the philippines due to modern way of living. Its hard but its reality that one of this years we can no longer see any of this hut houses in our country. I hope not...

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