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Friday, March 28, 2008

Favorite Star

Do you guys have your favorite stars? If so who are they? Anyway, i just watch Tyra's Show today. And Guess who is the featured artist? She is one of my favorite singer non other than Miss Alicia Keys. Holy Cow! She is so pretty and i loved the way she perform on the stage. Its really amazing guys! She is one of the prolific performers and song writer of this generation. She answered with honesty all tyra asked her. That was crazy and Enjoy it alot... Shes very down to earth women and Intellegent too. She's a versatile, she can do acting, play piano, a nice performer, a producer and philanthropist. She's not only good outside but she's also good inside.

Ohh How i wish she will have a concert tour here in Detroit... I'm one of her avid fans... Can't wait to see her in concert lol...

1 comment:

carlota said...

alicia is awesome. asa ka diri sa detroit?