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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sweet Things To Say To Your Girlfriends!

While browsing online, I found this awesome article about Girlfriend’s sayings. It’s more on sweet things to say to your girlfriends. Now, I reminisced past memories of my first love. I still recalled in my teen years when I got in love with a guy who is so sweet. Actually, he was my first love. I would say, the saying, “First love will never die” is probably true. Giggles! LOL! I still remember those days when he makes me really in love that my mom decided to send me to school away from him. That’s the time where I got heart broken. Anyway, He got these sweet girlfriend sayings in his mind all the time. He’s really smart and romantic which I also found to my husband’s traits. Though, my husband is not showy all the time, i still feel how much he loves me. That’s one of the reasons I feel in love with him. Gees! Enough with all this love article. I might cry!

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