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Monday, March 14, 2011

Stealing my boyfriend's biker boots

Guest post written by Alli Cartpath

A couple of months ago my boyfriend got this pair of really great vintage motorcycle boots and I was instantly jealous because I saw a pair of boots like that before that and told him I wanted some. So he of course went out and got a pair for himself! But one night when I was over at his place I tried on the boots with two pairs of socks and they actually fit okay! After that I had to wear them out when we went bar hopping with our friends and I got lots of compliments on them - way more compliments than my boyfriend got when he wore them!

Well, he wasn't that crazy about that so I started looking up with my SatelliteStarInternet to find a pair of boots that were similar to his that I could keep for my own. I mean, I guess that we don't want to wear the boots at the same time, but I don't think he appreciates me stealing his boots all the time.

Well I found some at DSW that were pretty similar to his, except one good thing about it is that they're more comfortable because they actually fit!

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