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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What are your plans this coming Christmas Eve?

Christmas is just around the corner. You could feel the cold air outside. Not to mention, the white flakes flowing from the clouds. Gees! Enough of this craziness I have in mind. Well, that’s what you get if you are stocked inside the house for the whole week. It seems very boring to keep on doing the daily routine. Plus, I can’t stand the cold. Frankly, I hated when winter season comes. Sigh! I miss working already. Hopefully, I could find job next year. That’s all I want to get for the New Year. Anyway, do you have any plans for Christmas Eve? We might celebrate it at friend’s house. Or, we probably just dine out together and then go home afterwards. Pretty boring! I miss celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve at home. You can’t beat the celebration we have in the Philippines. It’s really merry. And of course, you’ll celebrate it together with your family. We always have this roasted pig (lechon) and delectable Filipino dishes in our table. Hmmm! Yummy! I really miss it now. How I wish I could celebrate Christmas again with my family.

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joy said...

hi joy! tagal ko nang hindi dumadalaw dito.i hope you'll get your new year's wish of having a job!