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Saturday, November 28, 2009

High School Class Picture

A couple days ago, I chatted with my classmates in high school. I can’t believe I found them in Facebook site. The world is really small. What makes me happy is that I recalled all the memories I had in my high school years especially looking our class pictures. We even talked about our instructor in high school. It was funny. They talked about how behave and quite I am in our classroom. LOL! The picture above is one of the memories we had in high school years. I’d like to attend reunion next year. I want to meet all my classmates in high school. Hopefully, it will happen. I can’t wait! I’m sure it’s fun. Gees! So excited right now! I need to save up money for the next year vacation.


Tey said...

Hi Joy,, naku naman nasan ka dyan sa pix..lols
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fetus said...

lol, it's so vintage. makes me remember my own hiskul memories...