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Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Need New Bag!

I really want to buy a black purse. I started browsing a couple days ago. Finally, I found this cute bag at Macys. The color is great but I only need dark colors. A black bag looks great for everything. You can wear any colors with it. Not to mention, you don’t have to worry for dirt sticking in your bag since it’s not visible. I have gold and yellow bags but it looks nasty because of some stains on it. That’s why I’ll stick on dark colors instead. Hopefully, my husband will purchase this bag for me. LOL! I already told him today but he just smiled at me. He probably thinks I’m a spender wife, which is right. Hehehe! But, I’ll try hard to convince him more. I’m sure he’ll give up. LOL! Bad wife! Anyway, let’s see next week.


Another Blogger said...

Yes I like a black color too. Black bag looks great for a beautiful lady like you :)

Workplace On the Web said...

Go for it Joy! :)